ICC President delivers a killer blow

Tonight after the West Indies completed an amazing victory over England in the final of the ICC Champions Trophy, Ehsan Mani didn’t waste much time to come up with a devastating sporting statement.

During the award ceremony, Mani thanked everyone for making the tournament a grand success. But, then, to the utter disbelief (shock?) of millions of cricket fans worldwide, he added, “There are many who spent the last few months of their lives to make this tournament a success.”

Is there going to be a spate of deaths in England? If Tony Blair is not re-elected, Mani is definitely going to be held responsible for the loss of votes.ICC may distance itself from the blatherings of its President… but there are a few other pressing issues that ICC cannot turn away from.

I am not talking about the India-Australia Test series and the Telecast issues. I am talking about the wily Englishman Peter Roebuck.

Roebuck, in his latest column in The Hindu, makes the dubious assertion – “Complacency lay behind the decline, the hubris that Greek philosophers wrote about two centuries ago.”

I wonder who were the Greek philosophers from two centuries ago – who reworked on the hubris…

Roebuck comes up with this observation: “Reaching the final of a one-day competition does not signify the beginning of end of the defeats but in Winston Churchill's words, it might be the end of the beginning. Lara remains a glorious batsman and the ball that felled him in Southampton was a clear throw.”

One cannot blame Roebuck for getting a bit emotional about the chuckers in the game.

ICC definitely has another serious issue to tackle, more on that later.

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