Jaggu Dalmiya hurls a Doosra

Now that Jaggu Dada has been blessed by the very organisation he heads - BCCI, Dalmiya has empowered himself with the right to chuck as many doosras in the world of cricket. He is the new Patron-in-chief of Indian cricket.

Bestowed with the new title, Jaggu hurled a doosra with a bent-arm at the millions of cricket fans in India - shattering their stumps (dreams?) - "The BCCI is not answerable to the government of India."

A warning shot to Manmohan Singh (who is still in a state of shock that a failed economist can become the prime minister of India), "I am Jaggu the great and I am untouchable."

The "honourable general" who is also the president across the border may very well learn a thing or two from Jaggu - on how to plot a perfect coup.

Laloo Prasad Yadav, the wily fox of Indian politics - who swallowed 9500 millions Rupees of Government money set aside for cow fodder while he was the chief minister of Bihar, has been trying to find his way into the BCCI kitchen cabinet through the Bihar Cricket Association. Laloo is the president of BCA... But, our Jaggu Dada chucked Laloo out of the game.

The state of Jharkhand, which was a part of Bihar till not so long ago, has a couple of cricket stadiums. Bihar has none. Jaggu hurled a doosra right through Laloo's pyjamas - BCCI (Jaggu) has granted Jharkhand the status of full member while Bihar would be an associate member.

There is a Telecast Rights issue now being dealt with in the Mumbai High Court... Trust Jaggu to have the last word... As he proudly claims, "The BCCI is not answerable to the government of India or any other authority."

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