Settling scores on a green top

The last time Team India (Since BCCI informed the Delhi High Court that the team does not represent the country) played a Test match on a green surface was in New Zealand. Team India surrendered meekly on that occasion.

Vidarbha Cricket Association president Shashank Manohar’s words echo the after-effects of the dubious BCCI presidential election. Jagmohan Dalmiya dared to insult two powerful politicians, who hold Cabinet Minister positions in the current national government.

Sarad Pawar and Laloo Prasad Yadav were brushed aside in the elections as Dalmiya controversially maintained his iron-grip over the richest cricket board in the world. Dalmiya could very well lose his grip if the Supreme Court has the ability to pick the wily Jaggu's doosra.

Before the Supreme Court delivers its verdict, Dalmiya is getting a large dose of his own medicine. VCA president Manohar has been hurling doosras at BCCI over the last two days. "I believe in fair play," he said.

"If the Indians have the ability then they should prove it on this track.

"This wicket is tailor-made for the fast bowlers, one where the ball will fly past the batsman's ears. Glenn McGrath couldn't have asked for better.

"Why should we bow to the demands of the Indian team?

"They are not going to end up bailing us out if we end up providing a sub-standard wicket. Besides, if there is so much stress put on tampering the pitch, why have a pitch at all? Put three stumps anywhere on the ground and start playing.

‘‘What is the problem if the wicket is true? Our job is to provide a sporting wicket, why tamper with the track?’’

When asked why 'Team India' was being denied the usual 'home advantage' in not having a track that suits their game plan, the flamboyant VCA head said, "Why should we bow to the demands of the Indian team. They are not going to bail us out if we end up providing a sub-standard wicket, like it happened with Indore few years back.

No points for guessing it right that Manohar is in the Pawar camp of Team India cricket. If the Nagpur Test match produces a result in favour of Australia in less than three days and the Final Frontier thus surrendered, the enormous commercial loss to BCCI is going to hurt Dalmiya and his brown-nosed buddies.

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