Wisden's 23 Yards of rubbish

In a fascinating morning's cricket, India used the new ball to good effect to restrict Australia to 398, after which they moved to 35 for 2, in a period of play enlivened by a belligerent cameo by Virender Sehwag.

The 23 Yards hack thinks opening batsmen are there to play belligerent cameos.

Sehwag, meanwhile, was keen to take the fight to Glenn McGrath as well. He slashed at the first ball of McGrath's ninth over and missed. McGrath laughed, and told Sehwag what he thought of the shot. Sehwag nodded purposefully and told McGrath, presumably, what he was going to do to him. McGrath's second ball was short and in the corridor, and Sehwag, predicatbly, slashed at it and got an edge. Adam Gilchrist, leaping to his right, took a wonderful high catch, an effort that must have made young Parthiv Patel gulp in the pavilion. "I didn't know wicketkeepers go for those," he may have thought.

23 Yards has not been particularly good at getting the facts right. It was not McGrath's 9th over, it was the 9th over of the innings.

It takes a really sick man to make fun at someone's misfortune. if Glichrist took a great catch - say so. Why insult a young man's nosediving morale?

Amit Varma should take the battle to the likes of Dalmiyas; he shouldn't be pouncing on a Parthiv Patel who has already been knocked out flat.

23 Yards of rubbish has got a long rope even by Wisden's dismal standards.

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