Wasim Akram lashes out at ICC

Dubai: Former Pakistan captain Wasim Akram Sunday was vocal here on a number of issues. Shoaib Akhtar, he said, was “immature” and no more a matchwinner, and that Irfan Pathan was the “best bowler in the world at the moment” and also that the ICC’s Anti Corruption Unit (ACU) was not doing its job.

Akram said Shoaib must get his priorities right if he were to make the transition from being just a fast bowler to a great bowler. “He (Shoaib) is just not a matchwinner anymore. He just comes and talks and plays one game, and then gets injured,” Akram, who was here in connection with a promotional, said. “He just thinks he is too good.”

Akram said instead of talking big Shoaib should concentrate more on his game. “He’s the only one who praises himself all the time, which means there is something seriously wrong with him. He should let the ball talk. He talks before and then doesn’t perform.”

He blamed the PCB for the team’s poor run and said the side could take years to come back to its winning ways. “Our cricket board ruined the team and then a few experienced players like myself, Waqar (Younis) and Saeed Anwar left the team. It will take them a few years, but they will come back.”

On the Indian team, he said the new generation of players can take the team forward even though some of the seniors were nearing retirement. “Age is a factor but there are a few positives too. Like Irfan Pathan, who is the best bowler in the world at the moment. Then there’s Mohammed Kaif and Yuvraj Singh who I feel will take Indian cricket ahead,” he said.

Akram slammed the ICC for the way it has dealt with chucking. “The ICC has just gone mad,” he said. “They are just there and come out and create problems for cricketers. They are more concerned with identifying the angles of chucking.”

Akram criticised the ACU for not doing its job. “They (ACU) get a quarter of a million pounds every year and just sit there and send two guys all over the world who just attend matches everywhere. No reports, nothing.”

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