Deano's True Lies

There is a story that Prof Deano AKA Dean Jones likes to narrate.

Jones realises that he has left his wallet on the bedside table and rushes off the bus back to his room. The door is open, good that saves a few seconds, where's the wallet; oh, it's over there and it seems to be all right, but hey where is the maid? Then he spots that the bathroom door is open and sees that the maid is using his toothbrush to clean her teeth. Once again I draw a veil over what was said. Then Jones goes back to the team bus and says: "Listen, fellas, do you know what I found? The maid was using my toothbrush to clean her teeth!" At that point, all talk of the match is forgotten, as every player leaves the bus and goes to pick up his washbag. "Just you take note," says Jones, "if you see an Aussie player in the sub-continent, he will always have his washbag under his arm."

Did the TAJ hotel in Madras provide maid-service to Test cricketers? What Jones is saying is that the people in India have no dignity at all and would use his toothbrush when the WC brush is a lot cleaner.

These days Deano makes a living off Indian cricket. Sigh...

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  1. lol ok. What Dean Jones is saying is a maid used his tooth brush, which she did. Hes not saying "everyone in India has no dignity", where the hell did you get that from? talk about putting words in someones mouth.