UAE Cricket Drama

Is there any cricket in this drama?
This is how Gulf News reported the UAE Cricket Laundry business.

Abdul Razzaque during his controversial press conference in Dubai.
Published: 05/25/2006 12:00 AM (UAE)

Cricket board being run single-handedly - Kazim

By K.R.Nayar, Staff Reporter
Gulf News

Dubai: In a scathing attack against the Emirates Cricket Board which covered a host of topics during a press conference yesterday, the chief selector of the UAE cricket team, Abdul Razzaque Kazim questioned the functioning of UAE cricket's supreme body.

Kazim accused the ECB of being a commercial organisation which functions without bothering about the country's reputation.

"International cricket has been destroyed here. Now they are destroying internal cricket as well. My purpose is to highlight certain truths about the functioning of the ECB and thus prevent the total destruction of cricket," said Kazim.

"The ECB is being run like a family affair and not like a corporate organisation. All legality is being destroyed and I want to highlight the truth." Having set the tone for the media briefing, Kazim then hit out at the ECB for declaring his press conference as illegal.

"I have the authority to talk about my department," he countered. "Before questioning my legality, they should ask what legalities they have followed in the process of team selection. I know the law better than them."

Categorising his arguments in random order, Kazim then stated that the ECB failed to follow a proper system in the selection of coaches.

"The proper method is to request a bio-data and then qualified people should interview them and select the best. Now people who do not know anything about the game appoint coaches."

Kazim also failed to comprehend why the ECB could not purchase a plot of land for a stadium for so long.

"Why is it that we don't have one and why should we be at the mercy of a private ground?" he queried.

Using the non-availability of playing grounds in Dubai as an illustration, Kazim said: "It was nothing but a silent death of the Dubai Cricket Council's grounds. The officials refused to do anything and finally it was lost. Cricket in the UAE is slipping into a coma. I am speaking to revive cricket here."

Fixing his sights on UAE's current national coach Chandika Hathurasinghe, Kazim said, "He has been here for three months and he is yet to produce any talent. As soon as he came, he wanted to go for a coaching course to Malaysia despite the UAE team's tight schedule. He told me that the course certificate would be good for him. I refused.

"The board was informed that Sri Lanka had sent their best coach in Chandika. If he was the best coach, Sri Lanka would not have left him to coach the UAE team."

Kazim, who is also a member of the ECB's financial committee, said that he had never attended a financial committee meeting.

"People say that the UAE has received huge grants, but there is no balance sheet. All over the world there is transparency in accounts, but where are the ECB's accounts? I am a member of the financial committee, but everything is secret. They are a mysterious body.

"Everybody would like to know the amount of funds the ECB has received and how they are using it," he said. Kazim then hit out at Mazhar Khan, who is the UAE's representative at the ICC. "A UAE national should be attending these meetings. We need to be proud of our citizens. Why should we have Mazhar Khan?"

I am a better coach than Test players: Kazim

Gulf News: You are not only the selector but also the coach. Who appointed you as coach?
Once there was a situation where there was no time to appoint a coach. I proved my skills and guided the team into the final.

Are you qualified as a coach?
I have never bothered to undertake any qualifications.

But the board follows a system where only someone qualified can be the coach of the national team...
This is a modern trend. Did the coaches who trained players like Hanif Mohammad , Vinoo Mankad and Polly Umrigar have qualifications? They did not have certificates, but they were good coaches.

Many feel that your interference was responsible for Abid Ali quitting as the coach?
I did not interfere, but once I found out that he was not the right person for the job, I took a firm stand.

Abid Ali and the present coach Chandika Hathurasinghe are former Test players. What makes you think you know better than them?
Look at their record and mine. I have brought success as a coach.

So for you only victory matters?
Will the high qualifications of a coach automatically help the team win matches or reach a final?

It seems as a manager you had interfered with players when a match was in progress?
I usually take two or three rounds when a match is in progress and provide suggestions. This may help the bowler get the breakthrough.

Abdulrehman Bukhatir, President of Emirates Cricket Board.
Published: 05/26/2006 12:00 AM (UAE)

'Kazim outburst unfortunate'

By K.R. Nayar, Staff Reporter

Dubai: The drama that surrounds the sorry state of affairs of cricket in the UAE entered a new stage yesterday.

Abdulrehman Bukhatir, the President of the Emirates Cricket Board (ECB), stepped in to defend administrator Mazhar Khan by reacting sharply to allegations made by chief selector and ECB board member Abdul Razzaque Kazim on Wednesday.

Speaking to Gulf News, Bukhatir said: "Confusion has been created by the unnecessary allegations. It was unfortunate that such a thing has happened to the ECB."

Bukhatir opined that as a chief selector, Qazim should not have called for the press conference.

"Differences between two people should have been sorted out in a different manner. It was wrong to make public allegations against the conduct of the board or an official."

Speaking in defence of ECB administrator Mazhar Khan, Bukhatir said, "It was not right to humiliate a person who has served the game for nearly three decades. If there was a difference of opinion this was not the method to be followed."

When asked whether Kazim would face disciplinary action, Bukhatir said: "We are discussing the matter next week. The board will decide on what needs to be done." Bukhatir also expressed concern over dragging the International Cricket Council (ICC) into the incident.

"It is not the ICC's problem to solve problems within a regional council. The ECB has been created to look after the administration and running of the game in the UAE," he said.

"The ICC is a regulatory body and is supposed to look into the affairs of international cricket. It is not here to run local cricket, or solve local issues. "Have you ever heard of FIFA interfering with the internal functioning of a member nation?," he said.

On the issue of transparency, Bukhatir said, "An audited statement is regularly provided to the ACC. We received the funds a few years back and we have used it to help our national team. This does not mean that all the funds they have given us have been spent.

"We have still money left to be spent and we will use it when the national team requires it." When asked why the funds were not being distributed to the different councils, Bukhatir said: "These funds are not for distribution to the different councils. We utilise it for the national team. To provide for coaching, practice and travel to tournaments around the world. We also pay the salary for a coach. We earmark these funds mainly for the preparation of the national team. Money has never been spent on anything else."

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  1. I am in total agreement with Mr Kazim, where is the audit sheet that is sent by the ECB, where is the money, if you are spending it on the players then why are the poor guys only given 6o odd dollars per day for a tournament, why didnt they recieve any funds during the asia cup, ECB recvd a big amount for qualification as participation token, where is that fund, if you say u use it for the players to travel etc then why bother with a sponsor,
    I hope Shaikh Nahyaan bin mubarak understands what they are upto and fires all of them and makes a new panel because this is a mafia and nothing else thats why all the other UAE nATIONALS HAVE STOPPED PLAYING THE GAME....