Put Zaheer Abbas in the dock

Darrell Hair and Billy Doctrove awarded five runs to England (penalised Pakistan) as they found out the ball has been tampered with. Pakistan did not stop play at that point. There was no fury, national pride, no nothing. The game went on. During the tea-break, in the comforts of the pavilion, a storm started to gather in the Pakistani tea-cup. Suddenly, Inzi and his team realised that it is their national pride that has been questioned not by the umpires but by one umpire - Darrell Hair!

Pakistani team, by refusing to go out and play -- let the game down. After a little while, Pakistani team came down to continue playing cricket. It is a fact that Pakistani players played after being penalised, and they expressed a willingness to play after the umpires decided to call the match off.

Something happened in the Pakistani dressing room. Was there a call from Pakistan -- asking them to stop playing? If you check the TV images, you'll notice that Inzi is clearly confused about what is going on. It is a completely different matter that Inzi has to bear the responsibility for the silly politics that was played out in the dressing room.

There is clear evidence of Zaheer Abbas talking on his mobile phone -- as he walked in and out of the dressing room. ICC stipulates that mobile phone cannot be taken into the dressing room (After the match-fixing episode that tarnished cricket forever). Who will take action against Zaheer Abbas? Why was he carrying a mobile phone? Was he passing on information to bookies?

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