Cricket's biggest SHAME

Is it Pakistan's fault that they have been providing a safe haven for Al Qaeda? In fact, it was uncle Sam who funded Pakistan to provide Al Qaeda the needful. Now Dick Cheney is squeezing Musharaff's balls - asking him to do more to finish off the troublesome Al Qaeda.

It is another matter that Pakistan, as a state, struggles to have a democratic rule. Pakistani society is too feudal - male dominated - least democratic. Pakistan has a long way to go to be treated as equals by other nations. First the Pakistani society needs to learn that all men and women are equal.

Anyways... whats Al Qaeda got to do with a Cricket World Cup? Have they threatened to blow up Stadiums in the Caribbean? No.

Let me ask another question, "Shouldn't ICC be kicked out of the sport?"

ICC have become too old, too corrupt to be the governing body of the gentleman's game.
The gross mismanagement of the game has resulted in ICC playing a big drama with the other cricket boards. They make it sound as if it is the cricket fans who are on dope and that the fans are so stupid - that they can get away with any crime.

OK, this is not a joke. This is a serious issue.

Remember the controversial Hair in the forfeited Test match. ICC, till today, has not taken any action against Zaheer Abbas for using a mobile phone in the dressing room. Double standards? Of course, that's synonymous with the ICC.

The language they understand is favouritism, money and more money.

BBC reports:

Pakistan pace bowlers Shoaib Akhtar and Mohammad Asif have been ruled out of the World Cup due to injury.

Shoaib has been unable to recover from a knee injury that forced him to be sent back from South Africa in January.

Asif has been carrying a niggling elbow problem since that tour, and neither will be fit enough for the tournament starting on 13 March.

If you are a fan of the game, you must ask this question: Are you fucking crazy to believe this nonsense?

You know, I know, and the entire world knows that Shoaib and Asif are not injured. Their injury is in their piss... DRUGS!

The only reason why they have been pulled out of the World Cup is to protect them from a life ban. Which means when these two players took on South Africa recently - were on drugs.

So why is it that South Africa has not made any noise? How come none of the boards have reacted strongly to this Pakistani Dope opera?

No offence to Pakistan though; I still believe Abdul Qadir was a great leg-spin bowler. Probably one of the very best to ever play international cricket.

ICC must be taken to court for bringing the game to disrepute by not taking action against the two Pakistani players and the Pakistan cricket board for the blatant cover up.

Match fixing always ends up in your team losing. Cronje didn't take money to ensure South African victory!
In the case of doping, performance enhancing drugs helps a team to WIN. Now that is serious issue if I was the captain of the opposition team.

Remember the way Shoaib bowled out the two Waughs in the Test match at Sharjah? Those balls were thunderbolts - obviously chucked at an unbelievable pace; given the crooked elbow - the batsmen finds it difficult to pick the length.

I remember Akhtar doing the same to hapless Kiwis. Not only did this guy chuck, he was also on performance enhancing drugs.

Asif has been phenomenal, a tireless fast bowler for Pakistan in recent years. He even wanted to emulate McGrath. Remove the drugs, Asif would never be the same bowler.

ICC's Malcolm Speed said, "Both Shoaib Ahktar and Mohammed Asif have played for Pakistan over the past few months despite testing positive for prohibited substances last year.

"That is a fact neither player has disputed and it is also a fact that has caused the game a high level of embarrassment as a result.

"From an ICC perspective, having the option to target test as well as the already-scheduled tests in place means that if a player does have anything in his system then there is a very strong possibility he will be caught out.

These two cricketers are guilty.
PCB is guilty for letting them go free.
ICC is guilty for being impotent and toothless. The only thing they could pull out in the last ten years is a Hair.

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