General Musharraf and PCB have to answer

It is true that the media focus has been on Woolmer's murder. Pakistan's dismal performance in the World Cup is not being discussed much.

Pakistan have to revamp the system. Pakistan needs a vibrant captain. PCB has to punish the drug offenders and match fixers. They also need to look at selecting match-winners.

Mushtaq Ahmed has been in phenomenal form for Sussex in the English county circuit for a few years. In fact, Mushy played a key role in Sussex's county success in 2006. One would think that Mushtaq need to be considered as an option... is he a serious option?

Having said that, the selectors and Woolmer never found Mushtaq to be good enough to play for Pakistan in the last couple of years. It is true that Kaneria is a much better bowler than Mushtaq. Moreover, Javed Miandad informed the justice Qayyum commission that Mushtaq Ahmad had confessed to him about his involvement in match-fixing.

Justice Qayyum Commission's verdict was:

This Commission therefore recommends that Mushtaq Ahmed be censured, kept under close watch and be not given any office of responsibility (selection or captaincy) in the team or on the board. Furthermore, he should be fined Rs. 3 lac.
If that is the case, how come Mushtaq Ahmed went to the West Indies as the PAK team's bowling coach? Pakistan had only one spin bowler, that too Kaneria - from whom Mushtaq could learn a few lessons on bowling leg spin.

What was the reason then to send Mushtaq to West Indies? Isn't that insane, Mushtaq coaching fast bowlers? What would he advice someone like Umar Gul? How qualified is Mushtaq to help a fast bowler? Would growing a beard give anyone a divine right to serve the Pakistan cricket team?

PCB's decision to go against Justice Qayyum Commission's finding must be investigated. President Musharraf, the patron in chief of PCB, owes the cricket world - a clear answer.

So should the directors at Sussex and the English cricket board; how could they allow Mushtaq to play in the English county?

Would the Newspapers in Great Britain have the courage to ask ECB a few questions? It may be easy to point fingers at the sub-continent for everything that is wrong with the game. How about asking the ECB to explain its dodgy cricket morality?

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