Suspicious Nose?

DNA reports

A cut mark on assistant coach Mushtaq Ahmed's nose and team manager Talat Ali's alleged using of a fake name to change hotel room prompted the sleuths to interrogate them again in connection with Bob Woolmer's murder, claimed a media report.

Apart from Mushtaq and Talat, captain Inzamam-ul Haq was also questioned again before the team left Montego Bay for London.

According to 'The Observer', police asked Talat why he moved from the 12th floor of the team hotel to another suit on the 17th floor using the name 'Newman' on the night after Woolmer was murdered in the hotel. Talat reportedly said "Because I was scared and everyone was scared."

The newspaper quoted unconfirmed reports claiming Mushtaq was asked "Why do you have a cut on your nose? Did you go to hospital?"

Mushtaq said he was hit by a ball in the warm-up session before the Ireland match.

Inzamam was asked when he went to bed on the night of the murder, acording to the newspaper report.

Media manager Pervez Mir, however, claimed that the sleuths had asked some 'general questions' and even asked Inzamam for autograph.

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