Woolmer Murder linked to a Punter

Lead #1
Former captain Javed Miandad, whom Woolmer replaced as coach in 2004, said he believed "Pakistan's shocking defeat against Ireland has a lot to do with his death."

Former Pakistan captain Asif Iqbal said Woolmer was so committed to the Pakistani team that he could not take the shock of defeat. "He was a very nice and humble person," he told ARY television.
How could Miandad say that the defeat has "a lot to do" with Woolmer's death. Asif Iqbal's connection with the betting syndicate has been mentioned in the Qayyum Report.

Lead #2
Woolmer was found in his underpants and the suspicion is the attack may have taken place early in the morning just before or just after he had a bath.

There was no sign of a struggle and nor was the door prized open, raising the suspicion that Woolmer knew his assailant.

Someone moved Woolmer's body from the bathroom, where there was vomit and faeces, to the lounge area.

When a cleaning lady heard no response to her knock at about 10am, she opened the door and saw Woolmer lying on the ground and immediately phoned reception.

Pakistan captain Inzamam-ul-Haq was alerted and raced to the room with team management.

Inzamam started trembling when he saw the body. He has barely slept since the incident and has told teammates he will never visit the West Indies again.
Lead #3
Soon after the news of Woolmer's death, this is what Inzamam wrote in his colmun in bigstarcricket.com

After the press conference (following the game) was the last time I talked to him. He asked me on the bus when we were coming back to the hotel “what are your future plans? Can we discuss them tomorrow? After that he was in his room and I was in my room. Tomorrow never came.

The first time I knew of Bob’s illness was when our assistant manager rang me Sunday morning and said the coach is not feeling well and maybe he is upset. When I went to see him he was lying on the floor and it was shocking for me.
Lead #4
Almost a week later, Pervez Mir denied widespread reports of any clash with the coach.

"There was no confrontation in the dressing room. There was no confrontation in the bus. In fact it was a stunned silence."

Woolmer then went to his room with a final word for his captain, telling Inzamam-ul-Haq "it is a sad thing we are parting this way".
Inzamam didn't mention anything about "parting" in his column. For him it was all left for tomorrow. How come Mir heard about the decision of parting that Inzi didn't hear?

Lead #5
Another key evidence could be the email Woolmer sent to a Pakistani journalist
Woolmer wrote: "I am going to write a book on my tenure as Pakistan coach. I shall only start after the World Cup … I believe, regardless of the money, the story is worth telling, has to be told and in the correct way. I am not a name and shame guy, just the honest facts. Let the punter make up his mind, etc."

The email was sent to an unnamed Pakistani journalist, who now fears for his life. Despite its emergence, the co-author of the planned book still insists it would not have contained explosive revelations on match-fixing.
Lead #6
Woolmer was a "worried man"
Coach Bob Woolmer was “worried” when the manuscript of a book he was writing went missing days before his murder in a Jamaican hotel last Sunday, revealed Pakistan team manager Mr Pervez Mir.

Lead #7
Woolmer's 'conditional' resignation letter:
Woolmer in his e-mail had written:"I would like to praise my association with the Pakistan team but now I would like to announce my retirement after the World Cup to live the rest of my life in Cape Town."

"I have no lust for the job and I will not like others to make personal remarks at me. Professionally, I am open to criticism," Woolmer wrote

However, the email ended: "I will be ready to continue the job if the President [General Pervez Musharraf] asked me for it."
Probably Woolmer was seeking General Musharraf's protection - if he were to continue.

Lead #8
Miandad - Underworld connection

The Times of India reported that a jailed Indian don Babloo Shrivastava told an Indian television station that fugitive Indian mafia don Dawood Ibrahim could be behind the crime.

Babloo alleged that Dawood has staked about Rs 400 crore ($140 million) in cricket betting and could be involved in the crime.

Reports in Pakistan claim that five bookmakers flew to the West Indies before the start of the World Cup in an attempt to fix games in Pakistan's group.

The reports alleged that they were supposedly targeting Pakistan's game against Ireland and West Indies, both of which Pakistan lost. It resulted in heavy losses for the majority of betters.

Just who is Dawood?

One of eight sons of a policeman, he formed his own gang and gradually eliminated his rivals among Mumbai's traditional crime bosses.

In 1985, beset by gang wars and prosecutions, Dawood fled to Dubai. He is alleged to have controlled his underworld operation from there. Among his activities was apparently the smuggling of gold to India and other countries.

His men ran high-stakes gambling rings, fixed cricket matches, and threw lavish parties where Indian actors and sports stars were guests. He also controlled operations in Bollywood. He used be seen at the Sharjah cricket stadium with Indian actresses.

He allegedly financed Bollywood films and got the stars he wanted to act in them.

With India signing extradition treaties with Gulf countries, Dawood fled to Pakistan.

Then came the deadly Mumbai blasts in 1993. After lengthy investigations, Indian authorities charged Dawood along with his brother Anis Ibrahim with masterminding the serial bombings in which 257 people died and over 700 others were wounded. But Dawood continued to remain a fugitive.

Pakistan insists he is not on their territory.

According to the BBC, the US, which placed Dawood on its list of global terrorists in 2003, describes him as a 'son of a police constable (who) has reigned as one of the pre-eminent criminals in the Indian underworld for most of the past two decades'.

It says that Dawood's 'syndicate is involved in large-scale shipment of narcotics to the UK and western Europe'.

It also links his syndicate to Al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden.

Dawood is reported to have connections with some cricket players in Pakistan. His daughter is married to former captain Javed Miandad's son. A lavish wedding ceremony was held in July 2005 in Dubai.

Cobrapost has a report by Amir Mir in Lahore on Miandad - Dawood connection.

The two families have been close for well over a decade now, especially after the D-Company boss had invested a huge chunk of his black money in the business and industrial ventures of the filthy rich Sehgals of Karachi, who happen to be the in-laws of Javed Miandad. While the Sehgals strongly refute having been involved in any business deal with Dawood, there are those in the intelligence circles who insist the underworld don had invested his black money in the Sehgal's ventures, primarily to whiten the same.

Ever since Dawood got involved in match-fixing over a decade ago, many of the Pakistani cricket players were on his pay rolls who earned huge sums of money. His interest in cricket apparently remains undiminished and after his glamorous appearances in Sharjah one-dayers when he had top Indian actors and actresses at his beck and call, Dawood now calls the shots in Pakistan. Backed by Dawood, Miandad was able to survive as captain of the Pakistan cricket team for a good period of time despite facing tough opposition from other players and his being named in several match-fixing scams. To recall, the judicial inquiry report into the betting and match-fixing allegations prepared by a committee headed by Justice Qayyum, had established a direct link between Dawood and many of the Pakistani players.

The inquiry report released in June 2001 carried details of a phone conversation between then skipper Wasim Akram and Dawood Ibrahim during the England-Pakistan match in Sharjah in year 2000. Former coach Javed Miandad - who was called to depose before the panel on why he quit the job abruptly before the World Cup after guiding the team to victory in Sharjah - said during Pakistan's second match against England, he got a call from someone (whom he did not want to name), who told him the game was fixed and that Shahid Afridi, Moin Khan, Azhar Mehmood, Salim Malik and Inzamam-ul Haq had taken money to throw the match. Miandad told the inquiry panel that he was so angry he forced Akram to talk to the man immediately. Akram, in his evidence before Qayyum, admitted he did talk to someone called Dawood Ibrahim on the phone and was told the match was fixed.
Who is the punter mentioned in Woolmer's email? What connections did Woolmer have with the underworld? Was he a victim of a Mafia war?

If the Pakistan Ireland match was fixed, it would have been fixed to ensure that Pakistan lose the match. No Mafia boss would have placed millions on Pakistan winning it - as they were the odds on favourite to beat Ireland.

From the email sent to the Pakistani scribe, one thing is evident - Woolmer wanted to expose the 'punter'. Definitely this Pakistani scribe knows who the "Punter" is.

Jamaican Police, Scotland Yard, Interpol, FBI, CIA all can easily find out who this Punter is. Inzamam would know, Javed Miandad would know, PCB ought to know, and of course ICC also would know.

Just that we are not told who this Punter is.

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