Cricket Monopoly

Indiatimes has an interesting report:

BCCI vice-president Lalit Modi said that the new league was not feasible without BCCI's cooperation. "First, if he (Chandra) is planning a local tournament, he can't use our sports facilities without our permission," he said.

Modi said even signing foreign players was not possible without a nod from BCCI and the International Cricket Council.

"If he is roping in international players, that requires the sanction of BCCI and ICC and I haven't heard about it till now." "The Board does not give private parties permission to do anything like this," he told a TV channel.
What makes Modi think that BCCI is not a private entity?

Let us go back to September 2004:

Earlier in the day, BCCI counsel, Mr K.K. Venugopal, argued before a five-judge constitution bench headed by Mr Justice Santosh Hegde that the petition filed by Zee challenging the cancellation of the tender process was not maintainable and should be dismissed.

He said that the board was an autonomous body, promoting cricket in India and had nothing to do with the Government.

Zee, on its part, argued that the writ petition against BCCI was maintainable as the board enjoyed a virtual monopoly of over control of the game of cricket in India.

Mr Harish Salve, counsel for Zee Telefilms, said that no cricket could be organised in the country without the involvement of the BCCI.

He said that in the area of sports where exclusive rights are granted to a body that is recognised to regulate the sport in the name of the country, the issue assumes a far larger dimension than public entertainment. "It changes the character of the organisation from a pure private body to a public authority."

What Zee has done is to challenge BCCI's monopoly over the game in India. It must also be remembered that BCCI considered launching its own TV channel to maximise the loot from the game.

BCCI is a feudal association; it should have been disbanded a long time ago. ZEE group is also not concerned about the game of cricket - they are only interested in TV revenue. There is a good chance that BCCI and Zee will negotiate a settlement.

What needs to be done is to launch a World Cricket League. Think about a game between Sydney Blues and Mumbai United at Eden Gardens!

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