Go Waugh!

Stephen Waugh, who was speaking at the Laureus world sports awards in Barcelona, also said match-fixing was damaging cricket and it was up to the players to help stamp it out. "I don't want it in cricket - I think it is terrible, disgusting," Waugh said on AAP.

"I'm getting asked at these awards by other sporting legends about what's going on in cricket and it's bad for the sport's image. Really it's about the players, they have to put their hands up and say I'm 100% or sign declarations but something has to be done because it is damaging the sport.

Waugh said match-fixing might be more widespread than many people thought. "It would be pretty naive to say it was just one or two countries," he said. "I don't know who is involved but the odds are it is more than one or two countries. But what do you do to stop it?

"I don't think the ICC or anyone knows how to stop it or it would have been stopped before. They formed a committee years ago and nothing too much seems to have changed. Something serious has to happen now or the game will be damaged for ever."

Come on Steve! ICC and the other boards know what's going on. If they don't, they should all quit from administering this game.

Check this game between India and Bdesh in the U19s WC 2002

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