Indian cricket is helpless

Times of India says:
" Paani sar se ooncha ho gaya hai ( Chappell has taken things a bit too far to keep quiet )."

"Tell me, the world has gone on talking about all this (our defeat and exit) but has anybody spared a thought for us? Did they try to find out what we have been going through?" a shaken Sachin Tendulkar asked TOI .

"I am shattered beyond words and I feel helpless. I've never felt so bad in my entire career." he added. "No matter how many Tests or one-day series you win, nothing else even comes close to a World Cup triumph. The World Cup was our passion, our collective goal, our dream and that has been shattered. And we all are terribly disappointed over it.

"Again, it's not that we are defending ourselves. We do realise that we played badly and, as a team, we take full responsibility for that. But what hurt us most is if the coach has questioned our attitude.

"I've given my heart and my soul for 17 years. No coach had mentioned even in passing that my attitude was not correct. Cricket has been my life for all these years and will always be"

"Paani sar se ooncha ho gaya hai," says most of the followers of the Indian cricket team. It is a completely different matter that the board and players seem to think that they play for some private club (which BCCI is, without any public accountability)

The Indian Cricket Fans have also been shattered beyond words, Sachin. It is the supporters who feel helpless.

Sachin has made his money, he has had his name, fame and glory. What about the many millions of supporters of Indian cricket?

Sachin gave his heart and soul and earned a lot of money; he is easily the most richest sportsman in India. So for him to talk about his heart and soul is a bit ridiculous.

Ganguly batted for himself at the World Cup.

The seniors in the Indian team, especially the likes of Harbhajan Singh and Yuvraj Singh (I am guessing) who have been talking to the media about Greg Chappell... should also understand their aim was not to prove that Chappell is a bad coach.

What price for that seniors? We didn't qualify for the Super 8s. Do you guy, including Tendulkar, give a damn about it?

Tendulkar, stop talking and start scoring when it matters the most. Under pressure Tendulkar has let India down too many times. Of course, he is the highest paid cricketer - and the supporters have very HIGH expectations as well.

Can't deal with it SRT, go chase the Pawar's blue dreams. And Anil Kumble need not teach Ian Chappell a cricket lesson or two.

Having said that Greg Chappell has decided enough is enough. Greg has a lot to say - the upcoming book will be a big hit. He could very well name it 'The broken frontier'.

Moody and Whatmore are doing a great job with Sri Lanka and Bangladesh respectively (Two teams India lost to).

If the players are going to blame the coach for not winning those two games, they are such big idiots. Players are to take all the blame for the world cup debacle.

Ganguly's dreadful selfish batting, Harbhajan's pathetic bowling, Tendulkar's woeful form when it mattered the most -- three reasons why India lost.

Had it been Greg Chappell who got bowled for a duck - we could blame him. As a coach, how is it possible for anyone to blame these superstars, and what -- their skill? Or their ability? Chappell is not a fool to question Tendulkar's skill or ability. Chappell is right for questioning the attitude. What else could he question?

Tendulkar, you have been a star, a superstar and a pampered star. Ashley Giles bowling outside the leg was ridiculed by too many - one question remains... How come you couldn't hit the ball through or over mid-wicket for a six. All you had to do was open your stance a little to counter it.

If you expect everyone to support 'Brand SRT', including the opposition bowlers... you have played the wrong game for 17 years.

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