Wait till April 29

World Cup final is to be played on 28 April. There is a good chance that Jamaican police will start providing the answers to the Woolmer Murder mystery the following day.

"According to a well-placed government official, the substance, believed to be poison, was found in samples taken from the coach's stomach, urine and blood," the Jamaica Gleaner said.

Check this report by Hindustan Times:

Jamaican officials, however, said they were not told by the Pakistani cricketers about any such row between the coach and the bookie.

The report, however, claimed that two Pakistani players, in their statement to the police, did mention about the furious bust-up.

"Bob Woolmer said he had thrown a bookie out of his room. He didn't give a reason," an official said.

Deputy Commissioner of Jamaican Police Mark Shields said, "This issue has come up before but we have so far been unable to substantiate it."

"But we are prepared to consider it further now that we have names and more details. We will be investigating."

Mark Shields has names and more details!

Abdul Razzaq, the over-rated Pakistani allrounder, has made some negative comments about Woolmer the coach. He is singing a tune that is quite jarring from what we have been hearing from the likes of Inzi, Younis and Mushtaq!

"In my opinion Bob was a very shrewd operator. He was a coach just by nature of his job. Bob knew how to spend his time. For me, he must surely be one of the cleverest Britishers. On the surface he acted as an Asian but inside he was only interested in keeping his job irrespective of victory or defeat," said Razzaq.
Razzler reveals his true colours!

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