What are they investigating?

One thing is certain, Bob Woolmer is no more. As far as the cops are concerned, Woolmer was murdered.

The latest leak on the Woolmer's murder is that it could have been Snake Venom. It could have been anything - it could have been a bloody toothpick!

Why are the cops spending so much of time to find out HOW the murder was committed than WHO committed the murder?

To catch the murderer is the main objective of any murder investigation. They have to find out what motive could anyone have had to get rid of Woolmer.

This snake and ladder theories that have been planted in the media is such a joke.

"The detective told Gill they believe it must have been a natural poison, such as a snake venom, which leaves the body fairly soon afterwards. The police theory is that this was administered to Bob in the bathroom of his hotel room to subdue him before he was strangled. The officer said that the only way to prove this was to look for tissue damage, which was why they had sent the results back to England for further testing."

Doosra has had enough of this Toxicology Drama.

Why can't they spend more time to find the MURDERER?

From CCTV pictures to various theories on what Woolmer's condition was when he was found in his room/bathroom, everything has been extremely suspicious.

There were reports that Woolmer's vomit and blood were on the wall. There were reports suggesting there are enough evidence to prove that there has been a struggle (Pillows?)

All we have now is rumours and more rumours - thanks to the leaks and whatnots. What we should have had by now is the name of the bloody murderer who killed Woolmer.

The Jamaican cops have already lost the credibility. ICC never had anything to lose in the first place. That the ICC didn't stop the World Cup tells us a lot about how the game is managed and run.

We are three games away from the end of this disastrous world cup. I sincerely hope this is the last World Cup organised by the ICC.

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