World Cup hit by 'Pooter Pioson"

What's happening to the Woolmer Murder investigation? The Jamaican Police say they have enough evidence to believe that Woolmer was murdered.

The Pakistanis on the other hand, right from day-1, have been trying to establish that Woolmer was not killed.

My gut feeling is that the Jamaicans are waiting for the World Cup to be over to come out with their full story. What a cup of woes!

This Cricket World Cup is a big joke. If ICC had its way they'll play the world cup for four *beep* years. ICC wants to make money, more money and mo and mo money. Damn!

Malaysia Sun quotes The Telegraph:
"Tariq Malik, a Pakistan-born millionaire living in Jamaica, was quoted by The Telegraph as saying that he was due to host a reception for the team the night Woolmer died.

He said a doctor, who was called to the coach's room, found a diabetic testing kit on the bathroom floor next to the body. This, plus the fact that the 18-stone 58-year-old was surrounded by vomit and diarrhoea convinced him the death was due to natural causes."
Malik lives in Kingston. When the Jamaican police are investigating a murder, how can Malik be convinced otherwise?

It has also been reported in The Mail that after their abject surrender to Ireland, most of the Pakistani players had dinner at Tariq Malik's palatial home.

A witness described how the 58-year-old sat alone in the bar of the Hotel Pegasus in Kingston after Pakistan crashed out of the ICC Cricket World Cup and 'drowned his sorrows' with a bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label.


As four Scotland Yard detectives prepared on Saturday night to fly out to Jamaica to assist in the inquiry, a witness told The Mail on Sunday that Mr Woolmer sat alone on the team bus after the match, looking 'extremely vexed'. At the hotel, he is said to have begun drinking almost immediately - forsaking his normal solitary glass of wine for the export-strength whisky.

Mr Woolmer's mood darkened further when most of the Pakistan touring party went off for dinner without him to the home of multi-millionaire car dealer Tariq Malik.

Mr Malik said: "Bob was supposed to come around with everyone for a banquet on Sunday - but that was obviously cancelled after his death.

"There was an open invitation for him the previous evening but the players told me he stayed back at the hotel drinking Scotch. They said he had drunk up to a bottle and was really drowning his sorrows."

Mr Malik, who moved to Kingston from Pakistan via Kenya 20 years ago, entertained the team at his palatial home for much of the previous week. He said he also met Mr Woolmer twice at the Pegasus.

"The only security I saw at the Pegasus was after Bob's death,' said Mr Malik. "Prior to that you could get into the lift and go up to the rooms unchallenged."

Although he was contacted by Jamaican police five days ago, Mr Malik has yet to be visited by an officer to record what could turn out to be vital evidence.

Sunday Mirror proved its worth with the report titled "WOOLMER & THE POOTER PIOSON "

Damn! What the editor meant to write was Potter and Poison. The story was published on April 01, the editor can blame it on the April Fool's day.

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Whatever happens to the World Cup, Jamaican police have to tell the truth. They shouldn't delay it any further. Reports suggest that Tariq Malik has not been questioned by the cops.

It will also be good to know who were the Pakistani players who were drowning their sorrows at Tariq Malik's palatial home. Was it just Halal meat that was served in Malik's place?

PCB has enough reasons to hold an internal enquiry (as Woolmer did by doing those dope Tests) to find out what the Pakistani players were up to.

After being kicked out of the World Cup, how could anyone go looking for Halal meat in a millionaire's mansion?

The entire Pakistani cricket set up seems to be bit of a circus - with no policies or rules. The murder investigation will go on in Jamaica; don't be shocked if Woolmer's death is attributed to some American spinach he ate which had ecoli.

About time the Jamaican Police came up with the truth. One must admit, the police department in Delhi and Kochi is far superior than the former Scotland Yard personnel, when it comes to exposing crime in cricket.


Aren't we all looking forward to the Ireland v Bangladesh game? Talk about a boring cup of cricket woes.
When would this nonsense get over? When do we start playing some real cricket?

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  1. If he drank a whole bottle of whisky on his own, then he probably died from alcohol poisoning. Case solved.

    You post some good information here. Considering the amount of media in the West Indies for the world cup, the quality of the reporting on the Woolmer death has been pretty poor. Nice job.