Mushtaq's Champagne Moment

Last week, Pakistan's media manager for the World Cup Pervez Mir Ahmed was quoted as saying by ARY TV that Mushtaq had received two champagne bottles from some other person, which he later passed on to Woolmer,

Team manager Talat Ali was a witness to the incident, Mir said, adding, "As far as I know Woolmer was not a champagne drinker".

He further said that only Ali and Mushtaq Ahmed knew the identity of the person who gave the bottles to the latter.

Interestingly, Mir revealed that Woolmer rarely consumed champagne.

Meanwhile, Indian private news channel CNN-IBN quoted Mir as saying that it should not be assumed by the incident that Mushtaq is a suspect in the murder case.

"There were two bottles given to Mushtaq, but he doesn't drink. So he sent it to Woolmer. Mushtaq cannot be looked at as a suspect.

Gifting of champagne doesn't mean anything," he told the Indian channel.


The Telegraph published a story "Mushtaq finds salvation"

"We were all in tears. I told them they had to get strong." Reluctant though he is to discuss tragic events - "it's counter-productive" -

Mushtaq says he is 200 per cent certain none of the Pakistan players were involved. "People are right to ask questions but you don't kill your father."

He was irritated by reports that Jamaican police interviewed the Pakistan all-rounder Shahid Afridi twice: "Completely wrong. Afridi and I spent only 20-25 minutes helping the police with their inquiries. Everyone else had at least an hour. The Koran says you should not speak ill of a man without knowing the facts."

I asked Mushtaq whether he was ashamed of his pre-Muslim days but he wouldn't go there: "When Allah has forgiven you, it serves no purpose to look back."

In the meanwhile, Woolmer's last email to PCB at 6AM on the day of his murder has raised a lot of new questions.

The email, sent to Nasim Ashraf, the board chairman, reportedly contained this passage: "I would like to praise my association with the Pakistan team but now I would like to announce my retirement after the World Cup, to live the rest of my life in Cape Town. I have no lust for the job and I will not like others to make personal remarks at me. Professionally, I am open to criticism, I will be ready to continue the job if the president asks me for it."

Friends of Woolmer said the writing in the email does not match Woolmer's usual style.

"I have received hundreds of emails from him over the years and this is not his style — not the sort of words and phrases that he would use," said Neil Manthorp, a South African cricket journalist who knew Woolmer well.
Doosra wonders whether there is more to Mushtaq's Suspicious Nose than what we know now. How is it possible to think that God has forgiven him for the match-fixing sins? ("When Allah has forgiven you, it serves no purpose to look back.")

Sorry Mushy, if you do crime you have to do time as well. That is why Justice Qayyum was called on to conduct an enquiry on match fixing. We didn't leave it to the heavens to decide on who were involved in the crime of match fixing. Justice Qayyum made it clear that Mushtaq shouldn't be allowed to hold any position within PCB.

Just because Mushtaq has grown a long beard and is allegedly a member of Tablighi Jamaat, an Islamic religious outfit, doesn't necessarily make him a good muslim. How would one's faith make him above the law of any country?

The cricket administrators at Sussex have no self respect. PCB's decision to make him an assistant/bowling coach of the Pakistan team for the WC is also a slap on justice Qayyum's face. The spineless ICC should have acted immediately on the contempt shown by Sussex and Pakistan towards the findings of an official enquiry.

If Allah has actually forgiven Mushtaq, why in the world did he accept two bottles of alcohol, which are clearly haraam? How come Mushtaq didn't refuse the gift?

Clearly the gift came from someone who wasn't a stranger. Didn't this person know that Mushtaq doesn't drink? Who in the cricket world doesn't know about Mushtaq's strong religious belief?

There are many more questions than a broken nose, for which Mushtaq will have to answer.

Would Allah forgive Mushtaq for accepting two bottles of Haraam Alcohol? Would Allah forgive Mushtaq for gifting two bottles of Alcohol to Bob Woolmer?

Is Mushtaq using his faith as an excuse?

Jamaican Police have been extremely incompetent on the issue of solving this murder mystery. ICC is a cartoon show.

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