What Value for Tendulkar's 37th Hundred?

Sachin Tendulkar hit his 37th Test hundred at Mirpur. Congrats to the little master.

I don't know on how many occasions, the first four batsmen have hit a hundred in an innings. More than anything it tells me that the conditions and bowling were really batsmen-friendly.

Rahul Dravid heads the strike rate with 73.29 - very good show for a batsman who is also known as the 'wall'. Tendulkar's strike rate is the worst of the lot: 53.98.

Tendulkar came in to bat with India 281-0. India scored another 329 runs, with Tendulkar's contribution being 122 off 226 balls. Mind you, he hit 8 fours and a solitary six.

His first fifty came off 98 balls (2 x 4 and 1 x 6). His second fifty took another 102 balls.

With the Bangladesh bowling at his mercy, all the "little master" could do was play for the three-figure mark! Had VVS Laxman or Yuvraj Singh got a chance to bat on this track against this attack , they would have possibly done a better job.

Tendulkar has opened for India in ODIs, he still wants to open for India. After today's performance, one thing is very clear - Tendulkar still plays for himself and not for the team. Not that he doesn't have the talent to be an attacking batsman, Tendulkar did what Ganguly did at the World Cup. Occupy the crease and try to make a point that he can bat!

Tendulkar must retire.

As for Ganguly, 15 off 32 balls when India was looking to declare, says a lot.


  1. could someone wait till the long tour to england, australia and pakistan.. the problem with most guys are they want sachin to score a 100 in each match with 100% strike rate. Please if you go through some great batsmen in the past and look at their "strike rate" which seems to the "bench mark" these days u can find that sachin is way ahead in strike rate.
    please if you have enough brains to understand the difference between test cricket and one day cricket, u wont write a ridiculous comparison like this..

  2. Hello Anon, I hope you have 'enough brains' to understand the game of cricket. It is way too obvious that you aren't a great follower of the game; just another Tendulkar fan.

    How come you don't have a name - even if it is a fake one?

    It is you, the Tendlya Fans, who want SRT to score a 100 in each match.

    If you have no brains to understand what is written in my post... then tough luck.

    Read again, there is a chance that you might try to understand the obvious.

    The Indian team was looking for a declaration - and all the great man could do was to bat for himself.

    What is ridiculous in comparing the strike rate - in a particular innings against an impotent attack?

    Soon after I posted this piece, CricInfo did a similar (detailed) analysis on the same matter.

    Whither Tendulkar?

  3. Another response to Anon:

    I haven't set any benchmark for strike rates. You assumed it.

    Now that you have raised the matter...

    Walking in to bat at 281 for no loss, do you think Steve Waugh, Mark Waugh, Ponting, or Brian Lara would have hung around for personal glory?

    The requirement was for quick runs, Tendulkar batted like Ravi Shastri.

  4. btw, im not the same guy as the other guy. I am anonymous because I dont have an account and I dont feel like filling out forms to get one. But basically, what I have to say is below:

    Wow...u copied straight from a cricinfo article...next time, think individually rather than just jumping on the tendulkar-hating bandwagon, you plagiarist.

    Now, since that's done, onto the argument:

    As far as his performance is concerned, India won that match, so stop your whining. If dravid wanted them to play faster, he could've signaled it from the dressing room or tell them during a drinks break (they often do that). Wait until the England series and the series after before making any assumptions. He's won a lot of matches for India, and there must be a reason why he's called one of the best in the game. If he's going through a lean patch, give him time because he deserves it. But I do agree that there is a dip in his form.

  5. Hey second Anon:

    The second day of the Test match was on 26th May, the same day I blogged.

    I don't know whether CricInfo journalist was inspired by my post. The caption on the photograph though was a bit too much of a coincidence, eh?

    Even if it is a coincidence, I am glad Siddarth took up the matter.

    For calling me a plagiarist - Go fuck yourself.