CricInfo sold to Espn

Unlike the corporate robbery which was termed as a "merger" of Wisden and CricInfo in 2003, this time Getty has sold CricInfo to ESPN, obviously for a profit.

That Getty's Oil Account must have bulged, thanks to the Iraq war and all the unholy "match-fixing" in the Oil business, he has no use for the "frightfully British game" (which others play better)

Reading Sambit Bal's letter brought back some memories of 2003, when a few racketeers conspired to sell CricInfo to Wisden.

Bal writes:
"I was also involved in the setting up of, which carried the most powerful brand name in cricket media. It had an editor who knew his job and a bunch of talented professional journalists as opposed to Cricinfo's merry band of enthusiastic amateurs."

Yes Sambit, we were merry, very merry. You know why, cricket is a merry game.

I'll blog about CricInfo in a day or so; watch this space.

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