Ford, Emburey or Kerala Policeman?

Team India's search for a coach has now come down to a shoot-out (Presentation?) to be held in Chennai.

BCCI will pick one from the two - the former South Africa coach Graham Ford and former England international John Emburey.

That BCCI never groomed an Indian coach says a lot about how they view Indian cricketers. If allowed to select foreign players to represent Team India, the selectors will be more than happy to select a team of XI foreigners.

I may not be qualified to question the cricketing pedigree of the two contenders... but, then, who the hell cares about Indian cricket?

Graham Ford was the assistant coach of the South African team when Cronje was on a fixing frenzy. Being the "shrewd tactician" he is, how come Ford couldn't read into the situation that Cronje with the help of a few players was involved in match-fixing?

If an Assistant Coach is not good enough to find out what's going on in his own team, and had to wait for Kochi police to expose the betting ring within the team...

We might as well hire a retired Kerala policeman to coach Team India.

John Emburey was a non-spinning English off-spinner. When the cricket world had isolated Apartheid South Africa, John Emburey broke the spirit of the game - and was part of two rebel tours to the country. He openly supported the white supremacist regime by participating in the rebel tours.

Emburey's moral judgment failed him twice. Nelson Mandela was still in jail, millions of South Africans were denied basic human rights... yet he chose money over ethics, values and all that is good about life.

BCCI is a corrupt body -- that they have shortlisted Ford and Emburey says a lot; both men don't deserve to coach the Indian team.

A Kerala Policeman would be a better choice than the two.

If good sense prevailed, BCCI would have been looking at the likes of Robin Singh and Roger Binny to coach the Indian cricket team.

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  1. Hi iam a fan of Tendulkar but ido agree with ur statements but only 50% because every batsmen cannot play in the same tempo everytime and as said by you yuvraj, laxman may be a success or failure if they got the same chance we cannot critisize such a great batsman on baseless reasons, he did won matches for india and he also implemented attacking batting agaist everyteam in world when ever team required his contribution. If not Sachin who will be doing that job as u'r well known about cricket and our team its a Cycle Stand.

    Hope i did right analysis not upto ur mark but i will be up to my mark