How did Woolmer die?

What a big farce! Is this one of the biggest cover ups the game of cricket has ever seen?
If Woolmer died of natural causes, what are those causes? If it was not asphyxiation was it poisoning? Was it a heart attack that the pathology reports didn't specify right from the beginning? Or did Woolmer's heart stop "Just Like That"?

What happened to the toxicology report? What happened to the bottles of Champagne?
There are a lot many more questions that goes unanswered.
If the truth about JFK's murder wouldn't come out, why would Woolmer's death be suspicious?

Woolmer's last email to PCB at 6AM on the day of his murder/death had raised a lot of new questions.

The email, sent to Nasim Ashraf, the board chairman, reportedly contained this passage: "I would like to praise my association with the Pakistan team but now I would like to announce my retirement after the World Cup, to live the rest of my life in Cape Town. I have no lust for the job and I will not like others to make personal remarks at me. Professionally, I am open to criticism, I will be ready to continue the job if the president asks me for it."

People who know Woolmer well suggest it is not his style of writing.

Isn't it so UnBritish to "praise my association" and "announce my retirement" through an email?

The official word from the ICC is disgusting.

"The ICC welcomes the true facts of Bob Woolmer's sad death being made public," Condon said in a statement on the ICC's website. Condon said the reputation of the World Cup and the game of cricket were both "unnecessarily tarnished as the theories about Woolmer's death became wilder and more bizarre with many of those theories suggesting a link to corruption and match-fixing.

"To those who suggest that corruption is still widespread throughout the game of cricket -- and there have been plenty of people who have peddled such comments to anyone prepared listen in the aftermath of Bob's unfortunate death -- we have one clear message: put up or shut up," he added.

Is he by any chance asking the followers of the game to 'put up' with match fixing? Sorry, I can't understand what he is trying to say.

I cannot understand how the retired Scotland Yard cop could say that the game of cricket was "unnecessarily tarnished", simply because some of the theories suggested a link to corruption and match-fixing.

Isn't it true, given the cancerous levels of corruption in the game, any possible link to match-fixing must be investigated?

Former South Africa skipper Clive Rice says Woolmer knew a great deal about Match fixing (so should Graham Ford - if they were professionals)

Condon, you can try to shut up the world media. The harder you try, the more you shout - it will only increase the suspicion that the ICC is trying to cover up.

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