Sehwag is lucky

How can it be good fortune when you are dropped from the national team? In Sehwag's case, it could very well be a blessing in disguise that he has been dropped for the tour of England.

It is another matter that the selectors decided to punish Sehwag for the World Cup debacle. The selectors just didn't have the balls to drop any other failed batsman.

Sehwag was found good enough to be the opener of the Asia XI, when it came to BCCI making the choices he was found not good enough to play for the India XI. Is Asia in India or India in Asia?

Sehwag, with his lack of footwork, would have been thoroughly exposed in England - the likes of Hoggard would have beaten him outside the off numerous times.

Sehwag is not David Beckham; to be dropped after the World Cup and to make a great comeback. Sehwag should work on his fitness and learn Salsa or Kathak to improve his footwork.

The selectors are telling us that Dinesh Kaarthik is India's best opening batsman; it says a lot.

Good luck to team India.

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