It's cheating, you dope.

Ben Johnson ran like lightning at Seoul Olympics to take the 100 metres Gold. The shocking news stopped the world on its track - Ben Johnson was on performance enhancing drugs!

In a world of "you don't win silver, you lose gold," - with the commercial pressure to succeed - a few athletes try to cheat, denying sport its right to be an innocent expression of joy.

The two Pakistani cricketers who took performance enhancing drugs - were caught by private tests done by Pakistan Cricket Board (It was Woolmer who took the initiative!). What it did was the players didn't do a Warne 2003; they weren't sent to the World Cup. The official explanation given were lies - both players are injured.

PCB enjoyed wallowing in the mud with those two cheats.

Shoaib Akhtar and Mohammad Asif tested positive for a banned anabolic steroid in tests conducted by the PCB in October last year. They were banned by a tribunal set up by the board, only for the decision to be overturned by a subsequent appellate tribunal, also constituted by the PCB. That decision - and the fact that the game's governing body, the ICC, could take no action as the tests were conducted out of competition - prompted WADA to lodge an appeal with the CAS.

CricInfo reports:

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has welcomed the decision of the Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS) to reject WADA's appeal against its two leading pace bowlers as a vindication of its stand and says its has now adopted a WADA-compliant doping policy.

"The CAS has rejected WADA's appeal. Our position, our policy has been vindicated. The PCB and Pakistan cricket have been vindicated," Nasim Ashraf, chairman of the PCB, told Cricinfo. "We followed the correct procedure throughout and it has been a terrible burden on the players. We are very happy about this and both players, now fully cleared, can look ahead and concentrate on their cricket."

Whatever Nasim Ashraf has to say, the truth remains: Both those players are drug cheats. How can PCB be happy with the fact that two of its top players are drug cheats? PCB protected the players by not selecting them for the World Cup...

What message is PCB sending to the vast number of followers of the sport in Pakistan?

Taking drugs is cheating, even if it is the so called 'recreational drugs'.

If the other playing nations took a strong stance, PCB would have taken strong action against the two cheats. It is a pity that neither BCCI, Cricket Australia, ECB or even the ICC has the moral integrity to bring those two drug cheats to justice.

The game must always be bigger than a Pakistani bloated ego.

PCB have brought the game to disrepute - by lying and supporting the two drug cheats. Neither ICC nor any of the member nations have "the balls" to protect the game from such crimes. In fact, the cricket boards and the ICC are a big mafia.

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  1. what do you care what drugs he took? You just paid to watch balls fly out of the park like a retard.. wheee!!!