Sreesanth's effort ball is a chuck!

Towards the end of the third day's play, this happened.

87.3 Sreesanth to Prior, no run, well down the leg side, Prior doesn't even try to go after it

That was a clear throw. A chuck. I hope the TV comms and others take a look at it.

Richard Hobson writes about Sreesanth in The Times:
Sreesanth may hail from Kerala, a part of India known for its slow pace and sleepy waterways, but he is rebelling against those tranquil roots. Football is the more dominant sport in the state and his spiky character is better suited to snarling engagements in midfield than in mid-pitch.
Hobson is an ignorant journalist. Kerala is not known for slow pace; it is a place where you find people responding/ reacting...

I am also from Kerala, and I can tell the world that Sreesanth has a "kink in his action" when he tries to bowl the 'effort ball'.

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