CricInfo chops Tendulkar out

CricInfo published a news report on Damien Martyn joining ICL: "Damien Martyn joins Indian Cricket League"

Damien Martyn has become the first Australian to sign up for the Indian Cricket League, according to the Sunday Telegraph. Martyn also flagged the possibility of playing under Shane Warne's leadership, although Warne has not yet confirmed if he will join the group.

Martyn, who retired from cricket midway through the Ashes series last December, has been linked to the ICL for two weeks but his manager initially said that the league was "not for him". However, Martyn said he had reached agreement with the ICL bosses on Friday and he was excited about playing alongside the league's first international signing, Brian Lara.

"It's a chance just too good to miss,'' Martyn told the paper. "It's a chance also to play in a team captained by Warney." Both Warne and Glenn McGrath initially expressed interest in playing in the ICL but neither has committed.

Martyn shocked Australia with his retirement from all forms of cricket amid a form slump during the Ashes. After four weeks of silence, he finally revealed the reasoning behind his departure and said he had "never been comfortable with the whole celebrity stuff that comes with the game, I found [it] hard to deal with," while adding that he can "now go and live life and enjoy it".

He insisted, however, that the ICL would have minimal impact on his personal life. "It's only six weeks each summer," he said, "which wouldn't have the same burdens of playing for long periods of time away from home."
What exactly did Sunday Telegraph report?

Martyn, 35, has been tempted by lucrative financial lures and the chance to play alongside some of the game's biggest stars, including Shane Warne, West Indies batting genius Brian Lara and Indian legend Sachin Tendulkar.

Martyn agreed late on Friday to join the controversial league.

The breakaway threatens to rock the foundations of world cricket similar to the turmoil Kerry Packer caused when he formed World Series Cricket 30 years ago.

Martyn revealed yesterday that an opportunity to play alongside Lara and Tendulkar was too good to pass up.

"Imagine walking out to bat alongside either of those guys,'' he said.

"It's a chance just too good to miss. It's a chance also to play in a team captained by Warnie.''

How come the editors at CricInfo failed to see Tendulkar mentioned in the Sunday/Daily Telegraph report?

It is not that they didn't see it; it is just that CricInfo decided not to mention it - in spite of quoting the source.

Bad journalism? Of course it is.

Is it a coincidence that CricInfo is owned by ESPN and that ICL is owned by Zee that we have such reporting by CricInfo? Mind you, ESPN has an alliance with Murdoch's STAR in Asia.

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