Dravid had to go

I have now found the evidence to prove that it was time for Rahul Dravid to resign as the India team captain.

Nasser Hussain, in one of his columns, wrote this;
During India’s recent tour of England, Rahul Dravid approached me to ask whether I would be interested in coaching India. I was immensely tempted to say yes, I have to admit, but then decided that I didn’t want to give up my fantastic job with Sky Sports. Had I agreed to the assignment, a precondition would have been that we needed a young side to work with.
Rahul had played enough cricket to know what sort of a captain Nasser Hussain was. There is no way Nasser would ever make a good coach; he is a captain who couldn't get the best out of his top players. Graeme Thorpe's career is one of the too many examples of Hussain's poor man management skills.

By approaching Hussain, Dravid exposed his lack of understanding of management as well. It is good that Dravid resigned. It was time for him to go.

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