Gilchrist hits ICC for a six

There is only one man in International cricket, who walks - when out, and that is Adam Gilchrist.

Glichrist is an honest man, a rarity these days - in commercial sport. Unlike Ponting, who was only happy to suck up to the ICC and the powers that be... Glichrist has once again proved that he is made of strong character. Whether Glichrist is going to join the ICL or not, he has dared to speak the truth - that ICC is a monopoly that exists at the expense of the players.

"I think the International Cricket Council does have a monopoly on the game, and it's nice for the players to have more opportunities and to have more control of their futures," Gilchrist was quoted as saying in the South African media.

"It's quite a good thing for guys like me who are at the back end of their careers. I'm 10 years older than guys like Graeme (Smith), and about eight years older than Daniel (Vettori), so it's a great opportunity," he said at the Captain's Breakfast at the Sandton Sun on the eve of the Twenty20 World Cup.

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