India's 20:20 idiot

Trailing 1-3 in the seven-match ODI series against England, India's Twenty20 captain-select has decided to share his expertise with the world. "I will need to balance caution and aggression," says MS Dhoni.

Why the hell is Dhoni talking to the media about the Twenty20 World Cup, when the ODI series against England is still on. India has everything to lose now, as they have to win the remaining three games to take the series.

In the ODI series, Dhoni has scored 66 runs at an average of 16.50. He has faced 116 balls to score those runs, which gives him a strike-rate of 56.89 - the worst of the top-order batsmen.

Dhoni definitely knows what it takes to win a game of cricket, "Anyway, it's not about comparisons. It's about a team, about how well you gel as a group to get the desired result. If you play well as a team, you win."

What what what - is the idiot trying to say? That India has not played as a team in the three games India lost in the current series?

All Dhoni has to look at is his own pathetic performance. If he is such a team man... he should drop himself. No other team in the world would play two part-time wicketkeepers.

Dhoni also felt that Twenty20 was not loaded against the bowlers as it was made out to be. "Not really, otherwise the Australians wouldn't have picked the almost the same team they had for the World Cup. It is about how fit you are because you need to give more than hundred per cent every time. It will require high energy levels and it will take a lot out of you."

His feeling is based on what the Aussies do. What an idiot!

No wonder he is talking to the media - when a series is on - and his focus is already on the Twenty20 World Cup.

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