Is this the Australian team?

Something was dreadfully wrong with the way Australia batted this evening. They scored 139/8 off their 20 overs - making Zimbabwe look like world champions.

It is true that the pitch was too slow for some free hitting. But, then, what happened to running between the wickets?

The last three balls of the innings was a complete disaster - how on earth could have Hodge got back for the second run - to keep Bracken on strike?

Aussie batting was pathetic.

Go Zimbis!

I am watching the telecast on TEN sports, which means the comms are Ian Chappell, Nasser Hussein, Graham Gooch, Michael Slater, and David Lloyd.

Nasser Hussain talks too much as if he knows it all. Graham Gooch is a chatterbox, talkin' and sayin' utter rubbish about 'bowlin in the right areas' in a Twenty-20 game!

Gooch should easily be the worst commentator around, now that I don't get to hear Sanjay Manjrekar on Air.

Whatever Gooch thinks about himself, he will never be half as good as David Gower - as a commentator and as a batsman.


It is raining; looks like the Duckworth/Lewis winner is going to be Australia.


Rain stopped. Australia has been beaten. Woo hoo!

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