Farewell to Inzi

Inzamam ul-Haq has retired from International cricket (ICC cricket). In what was his final appearance, and needing only a couple of shots to go past Javed Miandad as the highest Test run getter, Inzi fell short of the record.

International Media is full of tributes to a 'fine batsman,' who played international cricket for more than 15 years. CricInfo has carried some of the tributes.

Anil Kumble:

I always felt that he was more vulnerable if he first faced spin when he came in than the fast bowlers, because against fast bowlers he could move his feet easily. I trapped him quite a few times in front of the stumps - not just because of his late foot movement, but also because I tended to bowl quicker since he was a bit suspect in front of the wicket.

If Inzi was more vulnerable to spinners than the fast bowlers, how come Kumble was successful by bowling quicker? These so-called players/specialists should quit talking about the game.

Allan Donald:
Inzi was very resilient and put a very high price on his wicket.

Oh really, Allan? If he put such a high prize on his wicket, how come Inzi was such a lousy runner between the wickets?

Donald goes on...

Mentally you couldn't upset him. It didn't matter what you said. In that respect he is like Jacques Kallis.

Allan, having played with Kallis, definitely knows the famous 'Blond Jokes'. The legend has it that Kallis almost fainted at some beach... and had difficulty in breathing. Cronje, the then RSA skipper, asked Kallis what went wrong. Kallis' reply was, "it must be the altitude."

Matthew Hoggard:

Inzamam is one of the greatest batsmen that has ever lived.

That has ever lived? Sure, how would Hoggard know about the greatest batsmen who didn't get a chance to see the light of life?

Inzi was a very good batsman (great?). As far as I am concerned, ICC didn't do enough to investigate on one incident, in which Inzi was involved.

On August 18, 2002, playing in an ODI in Tangiers, Morocco - against South Africa - to a long hop from Justin Ontong, Inzi waited and pulled it over mid-wicket for a SIX. And then as an after-thought, he slowly walked back onto the stumps to be dismissed hit wicket.

Pakistan lost the match in a hurry; ending international cricket in Morocco as well.

I'll remember Inzi for this incident:

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