Sree-Ashanth is walking a thin line

The Hindu reports, Sreesanth needs to cool down

There is a thin line between aggression and antics.

The talent in Santhakumaran Sreesanth is beyond question, but the paceman continues to indulge in theatrics on the cricket field.

Sreesanth did himself little credit before his home crowd towards the end of the Australian innings here on Tuesday.

First, he got into a verbal duel with Brad Haddin.

Then, as non-striker Andrew Symonds walked down the pitch to have a word with his partner, Sreesanth picked the ball up, dislodged the bails, and appealed for a run-out verdict.

Despite the umpire ruling it as a dead ball, Sreesanth continued pleading and skipper M.S. Dhoni had to move swiftly to the bowler to coax him to bowl again.

Sreesanth’s on field behaviour made little sense.

Dhoni’s advice

“He (Sreesanth) has to realise that this is international cricket and there are people watching him,” said Dhoni the other night in Bangalore. He added that at this level, he was not a school teacher and Sreesanth his pupil.

When Sreesanth came out to bat, Brad Hogg was seen mimicking Sreesanth - ridiculing the Ashanthan.

And then the skipper dealt this blow. Hopefully this is the shock-treatment a loony like him deserves. It is better than a three-match suspension. His Suresh Gopi antics will land him in major trouble - soon.

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