Sreesanth has lost it

The India medium pacer has completely lost it.

"I don't care who the hell is batting against me. The only thing that matters is to run at him, bowl as fast as I can and to try and get him out.

"I don't care whether it is (Andrew) Symonds, (Matthew) Hayden or (Adam) Gilchirst or anybody else, I do not respect them on the field. I only respect my teammates."

A. He is not a F A S T bowler
B. Trying to get the batsman out is what every bowler wants
C. Only someone with no self respect would say something like "I do not respect the opposition"

"Every match was an experience. I am lucky to be playing with some great cricketers but I still consider myself a child of the game."

It is one thing to be a child of the game; it is completely different being childish.

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  1. Agreed.Sreesanth is being childish.

    What about Clarke, predicting a 4-0 whitewash?

    How do you rate him?