Arun Lal, Languid Grace and Expletives

Eden Gardens in Kolkata is a wonderful cricket ground; remember India pulled off one of the most spectacular wins in Test match history over there.

Today, 30th November 2007, was the first day of the second Test between India and Pakistan. India, at the end of the day, are in a commanding position - 352/3.

Karthik failed again as an opening batsman; the man just doesn't have the technique to bat as an opener in Test matches.

Dravid was unlucky to be given out - caught behind - after making a sedate 50. It was that man, Billy Doctrove (the silent gun in the Test forfeit) who gave him out.

Wasim Jaffer has played a brilliant hand so far, remaining unbeaten on 192. One makes you wonder, why on earth Sehwag was not picked to open with Jaffer!

At the end of the day's play, Arun "I-know-it-all" Lal was giving his expert comments on NEO TV. Talking about Jaffer's knock, Lal went on to say all the good things in the world about Jaffer's batting. He said, "It was Languid grace...," and in search of the word 'adjective', Lal got carried away - and said something like this, "all the expletives to describe Jaffer's batting."

I am certain, Arun Lal used the word "EXPLETIVE" in his post match comments.

Arun Lal is one of those former-player-turned-commentator, who thinks the TV viewers are born blind - and that he needs to keep talking about everything. It was just a matter of time the 'motor-mouthing' would let him down. Today he put his foot in his mouth by saying "Expletive."

Pathetic stuff from Lal at the end of a great day's game for Indian cricket.

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