The BCCI Mon(k)ey Show

Just before the Kangaroo court of 'I-know-what-racism-is-Procter' got into action, the BCCI decided that Harbhajan Singh can be sacrificed for the sake of a few sweet rupees.
The Indian board president, Sharad Pawar has said he was determined to preserve strong ties between the India and Australia. "There is an extremely good relationship between the countries," he told the Melbourne-based Age. "There has been a conflict on the field and an issue has been reported by some players, but I don't want to react. It is important it should not spoil the relationship between the countries or the teams. That is not our desire."

Source: CricInfo

An Indian player was accused of being a racist, not just name calling.

This is what Procter knew:

Monkey is a race?

If I call my dog, Howard. Am I racist?

This is what happened:

Anyway, wasn't Pawar pushed away by Ponting not too long ago?

India shouldn't play the series till ICC hears the appeal. Harbhajan has been painted a racist by an idiot, who admits there is no evidence in front of him. It is the same idiot, who hasn't told the world about the tampered ball, which caused the Test match to be forfeited in England.

As long as the BCCI is in for the money and not for the game; cricket will remain a monkey game.

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