Blame it on Cricket Australia

The racism charge against Harbhajan Singh was always going to be 'difficult to prove.' Only one man really knows the truth - Bhajji himself.

The only piece of evidence before us, as reported by cricinfo

In audio evidence supplied by Channel Nine - and played before the appeals commissioner, Justice John Hansen - Matthew Hayden is heard remonstrating with Harbhajan. "You've got a witness now, champ," says Hayden. "It's racial vilification, mate. It's a shit word and you know it."

Harbhajan can be heard protesting that Symonds started the verbals, but the actual word is inaudible on the tapes.
Procter so utterly useless. If he is not qualified to be a match referee, why can't he go back to some community service in South Africa? Once again, the ICC (a collective of all cricket boards) has proven themselves to be such idiots.

This entire monkey drama could have been avoided.

The two on field umpires - should have stopped play immediately - called in the Indian captain to have a word with him. Ponting and his players could have had a chat with Kumble and let the Indian team act on it.

Cricket Australia, which clearly gave Ponting the advice to lodge a complaint - has let its players down.

The charge had no legal legs to stand on. We all knew it. Something that you cannot prove without any reasonable doubt - makes you look like liars.

Why blame it on the BCCI? Cricket Australia should be blamed for this. They shouldn't have taken the legal route on a sensitive issue such as racism - and that too when they knew they cannot prove it in a court of law.

Once Procter pronounced Harbhajan as a racist, there was no way Harbhajan's employer (BCCI) could have avoided what followed.

CA should have had the common sense to tackle the issue. Now that we know from Hayden's response - that there was a serious issue.

If CA had approached the BCCI - they way they negotiate all the commercial deals... heart-to-heart, without involving the ICC match referee and the world media, Harbhajan Singh would have been chucked out of the team by his own captain!

How difficult is it to deal with the truth?

Aussie players' behaviour during the Sydney match also didn't help the situation. I hope lessons have been learned from all this.

Rahul Dravid said it the best on TV, after the Sydney game. He was of the opinion that the real thing is the game of cricket, whatever happens out of it is just drama.

Obviously there is more money in the drama than in a contest between ball and bat.

Harbhajan Singh must have had his last dance in Test cricket. Once again he proved to be a worthless off-spinner in Test matches. About time India got that monkey off its back.

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