Good Bye Bucknor

ICC must act now - as in now. Bucknor is gone well past his use-by-date. This Sydney Test has to be his last.

Bucknor gave Dravid out caught behind when the bat was nowhere near the ball!

The super-slow-mo replays showed a few truths. Adam Gilchrist is a very good keeper, he kept his eyes on the ball, right from the bowler's hand, on to the batsman's pad, and into his gloves. It was a sharp catch. What followed was not too good though, he was jumping up and down appealing for a caught behind.

Gilly, what was that? Fair play?

1 comment :

  1. Buck up Steve!
    Steve Bucknor is well past his alloted overs and a good sign that he is no longer on the international cricket scene. The number of times he has given wrong decisions is just amazing!
    Ever wondered why even though he is also a certified football refree, he is not called to duty at international matches?
    He has done a great job in his heydays but recently he could not see beyond his nose let alone knowing what happens to ball when it reaches the batsman!
    Goodbye Steve and am sure you will continue watching cricket on the telly but hopefully with a pair of binoculars!
    High time the ICC appoints a doosra umpire!