Has Harbhajan Monkeyed himself?

Mike Procter, the man who couldn't decide a thing, when it came to stopping a Test match from being forfeited, has been asked to make another decision -- Did Harbhajan Singh racially abuse Symonds?

If Symonds has been sledging and chatting to the batsman for no reason; Harbhajan is justified in asking Symonds to stop being a monkey.

As the only black player on Cricket Australia's contract; somehow Symonds finds himself in a very difficult position - CA's morality poster child.

Colonial Brits were 'endearingly' called Lal Bandhar by the Indians. Lal Bandhar means Red Monkey. The point to be noted is that the Indians did not enslave the red monkeys. On the other hand, 'black' Africans, who were enslaved by the Whites, have a history of being victims of racial abuse.

ICC is in a major problem now. If they don't punish Harby, then they have to take action against Ponting for false accusations to cause personal damage to Harbhajan Singh. If they decide to suspend Harbhajan Singh, it could very well divide the cricket world for good or bad.

In cricket administration, it is not a good idea to sledge the BCCI.

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