ICC and Procter has to be sued

Remember the infamous Hair incident? When Pakistan forfeited a Test match in England. There was a mute, impotent and incompetent match referee - Mike Procter. He did nothing, he did nothing to save the game, save the umpires or the players. He let things happen...

Hair, the ICC umpire was punished for his role. Billy Doctrove didn't get hurt, Mike Procter was never questioned.

Procter should have answered the media in England, with the doctored ball - and explained in clear terms why Pakistan were penalised by the umpire. No - he did nothing. Enjoyed his free holidays at ICC's expense.

Harbhajan Singh has pleaded not guilty - on the charges of calling Symonds a monkey.

The ICC's Kangaroo court held in Sydney, where the Judge and Jury was Mike Procter... gave a verdict based on zero evidence. Zilch.

The onus was on Ricky Ponting, the one who complained like a Kindergarten kid, to prove beyond all doubts that Harbhajan Singh did in fact call him a monkey with an intention to racially abuse Symmo.

Even in a court in Guantanao, this case would have been thrown out for the lack of any evidence.

You need evidence to nail a guy.

What has Procter done? He has caused Harbhajan Singh personal injury by naming and shaming him as a racist. Which, by all means, is as grave as a racial insult itself.

Announcing his verdict, Procter said: "I am satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt that Harbhajan Singh directed that word at Andrew Symonds and also that he meant it to offend on the basis of Symonds' race or ethnic origin."
Beyond reasonable doubt? Where the hell is the evidence?

Harbhajan Singh should sue Procter and ICC and clear his name in a proper court.

These Kangaroo courts shouldn't be allowed to name and shame any person.

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