India must hire Steve Waugh

Team India deserves the misery. What a bunch of jokers the Indian cricket administration is!

Sehwag is not picked, Yuvi gets to play - cause he scored a 100 against Pakistan (who cares about his attitude anyway). If scoring a Test hundred means you can't be dropped, ask Irfan Pathan how he feels.

He scored a 100 in the same Test match where Yuvraj hit one.

India could have used Irfan Pathan as an opening batsman by dropping Yuvraj Singh. Nope, no can do.

With the ball swinging around, even Ganguly took a wicket - almost! (only to be denied by the umpire)

If Irfan was in, Australia wouldn't have scored more than 160. They were 130 something for SIX!

OK, umpiring was pathetic today. Even the third umpire played his part in one of the biggest ICC farces of all time. Why do they pay ex-players for being mute match referees? Why can't the ICC make the third umpire the match referee too - also make sure that the three umpires rotate through the game.

We really don't need to pay ex cricketers for doing nothing (What was Proctor doing when Hair awarded the match to England - when Inzi refused to play?)

Back to Indian cricket. Anil Kumble picked up six wickets in Melbourne, so what? The man was never a leg spinner; he could bowl top spinners and has proved very effective in the past.

Now, the old man of Indian cricket has lost the zip as well, he now relies on change of pace (reminds me of Venky Prasad) to get wickets. That Kumble is the skipper means, he can't be dropped. And that Harbhajan Singh takes Ponting's wicket means we have to sacrifice a quality bowler to get Punter's wicket.

Cricinfo has been reporting on "quality off spin of Harbhajan." I wonder when was the last time anyone seen Harbhajan turn a bloody red ball. His feeble attempt at Doosra means he is bowling chest on - and risking being called a chucker. Bhajji's left shoulder does absolutely nothing, and it is so easy even for a fourth division batsman to figure out what crap he is dishing out.

Symonds rode his luck, not once but twice to hit a nice 100. Once given in by the third umpire after being stumped for certain. And again, while on 30 or so, clearly caught behind - and Bucknor had a deaf moment.

Symonds did not walk. Sunil legendary Gavaskar was in the commentator's box, and he said, "the only time an Australian walks is when the bus has left the car park."

Sunil is a hypocrite and a nasty one that too. How many international players walk these days? How many Indian players walk? What was Yuvraj's reaction in Melbourne?
Sunny is being a bad loser. The only international cricket who has gone public about walking, and does it like a gentleman is Adam Gilchrist.

Sunny being the legend he is, should mention Gilchrist as an example the game needs - and must speak to the Indian players as well.

In general, the umpiring standard has been very poor in the series.

It was a joy to watch Hogg blast the Indian bowlers. The Indian players never looked like they were on top, even when Australia was begging to be finished off at 134-6.

India was a bowler short. Their best spinner, a left-armer, Murali Kartik is in India, not even in Australia. The last time he played against Australia, he picked up five wickets and won the game for India.

I checked Daniel Vettori's record; he has impressive stats against Aussies. I always believed Australia were suspect against attacking spinner, ones who are not scared to flight it - and turn it.

Symonds has a good chance to hit his double hundred in a few hours from now.

For the sake of Indian cricket, I hope India gets thrashed by an innings. The BCCI wouldn't learn, I hope the rabid Indian fans will at least understand that to win games you have to play well consistently over a period of time.

How come the two legends, Ganguly and Tendulkar, expects to get the opening slot in ODIs, and when it comes to Test cricket doesn't put their hand up for that job? What more are they trying to achieve as personal glories? If Tendulkar or Ganguly, with their opening experience in ODIs, volunteer to open, India wouldn't be sacrificing their best middle order batsman.

Everything is taken for granted by these 'legends' and wannabe legends.

* India needs a strong coach/ almost a non-playing captain who has earned his respect. Since BCCI has the money, they should hire Steve Waugh to teach these useless guys what it means to keep on winning.

Winning is a habit in cricket, as much as walking is.

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