Kumble has to go

Kumble has to go - as a spinner he is useless these days. As a captain he is a disaster. At Ahmedabad he won the toss and elected to bat on a grassy pitch against the likes of Steyn and Ntini. Mind you, those two were more than a handful even on a flat Chennai track.

India were bowled out for 76.

As I write this blog, South Africa are closing towards a 400-run first innings lead.

S Sreesanth 23 4 87 2 3.78 (1w)
RP Singh 21 2 81 0 3.85
IK Pathan 20 3 79 0 3.95 (3w)
Harbhajan Singh 39 5 126 4 3.23
A Kumble 30.5 2 68 1 2.20
SC Ganguly 3 0 12 0 4.00

Almost 137 overs has been bowled. How come Sehwag hasn't been given a bowl?

At Chennai, Sehwag bowled 11 overs in the first innings and 22 in the second, claiming two wickets. Not that Sehwag is injured, it is Kumble's brain that is retired hurt.

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  1. Kumble take a tumble!

    How could Kumble ever be appointed as the captain of the Indian team.
    A captain in any game (except for example in tennis - which has a non-playing captain) is appointed from the performing players in a side.
    A non-performing,semi-retired player cannot be brought into the side and made a captain if he is not good enough to be in the team
    in the first place.
    Of course there have been instances like in a case of Pakistan's Imraan Khan,where the player was called back to lead the side purely on the basis of his record as a captaincy, but Kumble has not even proved that he is a great national side skipper.
    So how on earth could the Board have recalled Kumble to lead the side?
    The results of the 3 test series in Sri Lanka will we hope prove beyond a shadow of doubt that it is high time Kumble finally leaves the field for better, younger, more talented youngsters.
    What else can be said of a spinner who seldoms spins the ball and is supposedly a great fielder of his own bowling - btw he has fallen down more times in attempts to gather the ball off his bowling than the number of times he has actually managed to stop it!
    Kumble take a tumble!