WANTED: Cricketers with balls

IPL/ BCCI feudal chief Lalit Modi says, "India will not host or participate in any event featuring players from the ICL."

"England Cricket Board's officials told us that laws in Britain do not permit them to restrict participation of players.

"That be the case, England's teams will not be able to play in the Champions League staged in India. It'll be very sad, but we have our own rule."

Seems like the keepers of India's democracy - Government, elected politicians, aspiring politicians, Judiciary, and the rest are busy fondling balls.

So much so, there isn't even a single cricketer with balls to fight the BCCI's tyranny.

Who the f&$k is Modi to decide whether "India" will host or participate in this or that? India is a democratic country and we just should not let the likes of Modi dictate and decide what the state should do.

Where are the cow belt losers who are still having orgasms over Munnabhai's Gandhigiri? Where is the left or the right?

If the labour laws in England do not permit restricting players... how on earth can the laws in India be anti-labour?

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