Pups should have a beer

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Symonds missed a team meeting. The senior management thought he has pushed the line a bit too far - they couldn't tolerate 'indiscipline'. 

Australian cricket team is not a kindergarten team. As Captain Clarke proudly put it, 
"In my opinion, we are the greatest sporting team in the world, and we have standards. They may be higher than other teams, but if you don't fulfil those standards, unfortunately, you're not going to be a part of our squad."

Australian captains have set standards, Pups.  You were hardly four when Allan Border took over as the Australian Captain. You must have seen him on TV and heard from other captains like Mark Taylor, Steve Waugh, Shane Warne (ODIs) and Ricky Ponting - what it is to be a leader.

There is a big difference from being a great mate and being a good leader. We all understand that you stood by Roy - twice before. That was as a mate.

Now, as a captain, you have an additional role of a mentor. There need not have been this drama of sending Roy home. The team needs him, us the paying spectators need him, and if you are that great a mate - you need him as well.

Man management is not like taking a pup out to pee. When it comes to handling top professional sportsmen, you need to have a better understanding of what leadership is all about - these guys operate at a high level of adrenalin and impulse. If you were the captain in the 70s, most of your senior players would have been sent home - the likes of Thommo, Lillee and Marsh.

Australian or any cricket team doesn't need faceless robots. The game needs characters. If you don't know how to manage a team full of such characters, you should take up a job as a kindergarten teacher.

If you aspire to be a good captain and a great leader of men - go drink a beer with Ian Chappell.  Chappelli earned his respect - ask Lillee, Thommo or Marsh.

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