Go North!

Back in April 2002, I interviewed Marcus North.

CricInfo's India remaining editorial team, especially a couple of jokers - along with the then CI Australia editor - were reluctant to publish the interview. One of the reasons given to me was that I had no business interviewing 'unknowns'.

Cricket is a game I love to play, so I must surely know a thing or two about it.

The CI editorial team ganged up against me, and held back the interview for a few days. I didn't understand what the problem was... months later, I found out that the Australia CI editor had accused me of "badgering" the players. Cameron White and Marcus North were the two players I interviewed - and I am quite sure they didn't feel badgered.

A few minutes back, Marcus North scored a Test hundred on debut. A great achievement.

Photograph I took in 2002.

Guess what, I was reading CricInfo comms (I used to be a CI commentator for three years):

Well, its been a long journey for North from Bayswater-Morley to Johannesburg. Good for him. Here's what he had said to Cricinfo back in 2002, when he was 23, speaking about his career in Perth: "The junior set-ups and the club teams are organised very well - through the ACB (Australian Cricket Board) and local cricket associations. The quality of coaching is very good. It (cricket) is a great sport to be involved in within a country like Australia."

I think Mark Waugh too hit a hundred on his Test debut.

I remember, in Chennai, just before the interview, I heard Marcus North talking to his mates about the biggest six he has ever seen. He was completely in awe of the shot Mark Waugh played off Vettori at Waca, Perth.

Good going North. Great start to a Test career, though I believe you should have started your career many years back. I hope you go on to have a memorable career.

And yeah, thanks for the hundred. I enjoyed it. After all, I wasn't wrong about the talent you had back then. You were genuine material then, and so you are now.

As for the editorial idiots who tried to kill the interview - I don't know what those suckers do these days for a living. I run my own publishing company.

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