Spins, Fast Balls, Googlies

'I've faced four generations of bowlers'

"Obstacles he faced, and overcame, just as he faces and conquers those spins, fast balls and googlies."
Nicole Dastur is clearly on a spin when it comes to the game of cricket. She has no clue at all.
"From Richard Hadlee to Ian Botham to Imran Khan to Wasim Akram to Allan Donald to Brett Lee to our very own Ishant Sharma (in the IPL), Tendulkar’s braved all their spins and fast ones."
None of the bowlers mentioned by Nicole Dastrue tried bowling spin like Manoj Prabhakar did in Kotla v SL in the WC Semi Final. Hadlee, Botham and Imran were masters of swing bowling, but never spin.

As for the Tendulkar's, WTF is the sub-editor?

Spins, Fast Balls, Googlies! Why not the short and curlies?

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