On a Bollywood Blunder

Sriram Dayanand has written a wonderful piece - Sunny Side Up - in CricInfo Blog. Obviously Buchanan and Shah Rukh Khan are the targets. I wouldn't be surprised if Warnie sent Sriram a text - asking him whether he'll be interested in writing Warnie's next book.

Warney thinks he is a goose in pixieland and I hate to be the one to break it to you, but this goose doesn’t always lay a golden egg. It is more prone to periodically deposit nuggets of dubious material around, material which you end up peering at, and then just get on with the job. Just like people do when they deal with deposits from their dogs on evening walks. You just need to lighten up and take them for what they are. Droppings.
It's a very good read. Probably the best piece on cricket this year.

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