It's just a sport, stupid

Cricket is a sport. Always is and always will be. Some adults make us believe that they can play the game better than kids playing their version of cricket in the backyard. Some retired cricketers who now enjoy life behind the microphone try to tell us that cricket is a sport that can only be understood and explained by experienced cricketers like them.

One such idiot is Boycott, who once asked a journo, ‘how many Tests have you played?’ Even if Boycs tries his best, he will never be an Arlott or Brian Johnston in the commentary box.

I have never played in Test cricket. But, I know how to bowl a googly and a flipper. The game is not complex; it is such a simple thing. During the recent IPL, some of the idiots (ex-cricketers) kept on talking about how stressful T20 is. F%^kin liars!

Stress is what a surgeon trying to save a child with brain tumour goes through. Stress is what a single mother with two or three children in the third world goes through; where she struggles all day along to make sure her kids are fed and she could also send them to school. That is stress.

Playing is stressful? WTF. Playing and getting paid in millions is stressful? What the F%^k!

Ask any kid – what is more stressful: Studying or Playing? You don’t even want to ask the question – because you know the obvious answer. Even psychiatrists tell kids to stop studying and worry about discipline and go play.

One of the things you play for fun is cricket.

Ask real Australian cricket legends like Lillee, Thommo, Marsh and Chappelli – about the game of cricket. It’s a game they enjoyed playing. It was a lot of fun. Were they good role models in the bigger picture of Australian cricket?

So when Symonds has a drink watching a game of rugby, Ponting and his mates in Circus Australia decide that Symonds is a liability. Cause he has no idea of Alcohol Morality!!

Even priests are allowed a few drinks. This Alcohol Morality of CA and some of the journalists from Australia make me sick.

CA didn't support Symonds when it mattered most. They didn't back him on the Bhajji-Monkey episode. CA was more than happy to suck up to BCCI.

I sincerely wish Symonds retires from international cricket and continues to play for Deccan in T20. CA wouldn’t even dare to talk to Modi about kicking Roy out of IPL.

Punter's statement is a big joke: "We've got some young guys who are just finding out what international cricket is all about. This is about the bigger picture and bringing on the next generation of Australian players."

How old were these neo-moralists when the Chappell brothers, Dennis Keith Lillee, Rodney Marsh and Thommo played cricket for Australia? What was the BIG picture then?

I hope the Aussie legends like Ian Chappell, Lillee, Tommo, Marsh, Benaud, Steve Waugh, Warne, McGrath, Gilchrist and my favourite cricketer Mark Waugh would tell the world that the Australian cricket team is more endearing to the public – if they play cricket in the right spirit. There is nothing wrong in having a few beers. If someone like McDonald becomes an alcoholic watching Symonds drink beer, then at least by watching Symonds play – he would be a better batsman and a fielder.

Guys like Punter are a disgrace to the game we all love. Punter is repaying CA for the support he received after the Ashes defeat in England. Any other captain would have lost his position. Warne should have been the Australian captain. But CA’s morals didn’t allow it. Warne’s sexual power made all of them feel so inferior that the entire CA directors were on prescription Viagra for six months.

Symonds has felt out of place for a while now. A team management that didn’t support him through the ‘Harbhajan incident’ now has threatened to tear up his contract.

As an Indian, Australia has always been my favourite cricket team. This team led by Ponting and a bunch of jokers called administrators and a mongrel pup – deserve to be kicked.

Even though I am not a big fan of Pietersen’s cricket, I wish he hits a triple hundred and England take 3-0 lead in the Ashes series. At least we would then see this shameless leadership of Cricket Australia thrown out.


Hussey, Lee and Bracken have spoken in support of Symonds.

Espn Cricinfo reports:

"It certainly is a big loss," Hussey said. "With Twenty20 cricket you've got to be really flexible with your batting order anyway, and probably with Andrew Symonds in the team we were a little bit more structured because he plays that role very very well. Now we're going to have to be even more flexible and try and go with the flow of the game.

"It's a real shame, really, because he is a great player and a great mate of mine. It's unfortunate and we've got to move on, we've got to concentrate on the cricket, our preparation and making sure we are 100% ready for West Indies on Saturday. We can't afford to let it affect our preparation. It is definitely a loss for us but we've got other very, very capable players to come in and fill the breach and hopefully we can put in a good performance."

Despite Symonds' repeated behavioural infractions, which have often left the Australians at a loose end in important series, Brett Lee insisted he still had the support of his national team-mates. Lee described Symonds as "the world's greatest guy" and felt he was losing "a great mate on tour".

"To lose a player of his calibre definitely is a big hole in the Australian cricket team so it is disappointing and we hope Andrew can be back shortly," Lee said. "We have to move on now, it's as simple as that. It's very disappointing that Andrew's going home but we'll try to find a way to try and fill that gap. He's a world-class player and to leave a gap like that is not great for the Australian cricket team but we always find a way, if someone gets injured or if someone goes out of the side, to fill that void.

"We are here to focus on cricket. What's happened with Andrew is a very personal blow for him and we'll be as mates sticking by him and making sure that we're giving our best advice and the help he needs."

Nathan Bracken was hopeful Symonds' latest alcohol-related controversy would not force him out of the game. "To say it's the end of his career is a big call," Bracken said. "We enjoy having him around and we hope he will be back shortly."

Dean Jones said Symonds was "too Australian". "He just had a beer and supported Queensland's big win over New South Wales ... He left the hotel without telling anyone," Jones told 3AW. "Can you imagine that in the old days with Dennis Lillee or Jeff Thomson having to tell the manager where they were going. It's a security reason for whatever reason. But they're in England aren't they?"

"Has he been nailed too hard on this one? If they are nailing him on the fact he has had a drink or turned up drunk or whatever well we've got a problem, but if you can't leave your hotel - I know there's security and I can understand in Pakistan and India, but do you have to tell management where you are going everywhere now?"

Jones said the standards that Australia cricketers were now held to were too high and that could act as a deterrent to younger players.

"I wouldn't like to be playing for Australia if I had those team rules. Are they going to school are they?" he said.

"I just find it's like big brother telling you what to do at the moment. Do many kids want to play for Australia now?"

FakeIPLPlayer has blogged on why Roy was sent back.

So, what is the real problem. The real problem is something called Slot No. 4. A few days ago, Pilla had a heated argument with Dickhead on the batting order. Dickhead didn't want Pilla in the middle order. He was clear that it's either the opening slot or the bench. His choices for No. 4 and 5 were TMK and Pussy. Pilla wasn't keen on opening and argued with his skipper on the issue. Eventually, it was agreed that Pilla will bat at No. 4 in the warm up game and his form will be assessed. During all this while, TMK kept quiet but wore a stupid smirk that annoyed Pilla no end. And as things turned out, Pilla did what he had to and earned his spot, while TMK sat around padded up watching his rightful place being snatched from him yet again. And true to his reputation, he went out drinking and during the binge he wasn't quite discreet about his opinion of Pilla and the Dicks' coach. Essentially, he put his Size 13 foot into his Size 1 mouth. And when you do that, it sure is gonna hurt.

TMK: Symonds
Pussy: Hussey
Pilla: Clarke
Dickhead: Ponting

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