Schoolboys knocked out of T20 WC

Australia had four player in top T20 form after the IPL: Adam Gilchrist, Mathew Hayden, Shane Warne and Andrew Symonds.

The first three have retired from international cricket. Andrew Symonds was sent back home for breaking a pact he had with Cricket Australia that he wouldn't drink in a public place.

There are also rumours that Symonds had a few drinks and dissed Michael Clarke; reasons why Symonds was sent home. Ponting, Clarke and the two useless CA officials (coach and manager?) agreed that Symonds' influence might cause a mutiny against the vice-prefect of the CA schoolboy team - Michael Clarke.

Australia were thrashed by Gayle (West Indies) in the first game. As I write this blog, Sri Lanka are in the process of teaching the schoolboys that T20 is a game for real champions - guys who can express themselves on a cricket ground.

After being blanked out of the T20 WC, I am sure quite a few CA supporters would blame it on Roy - for upsetting the preparation of the schoolboys. In reality, schoolboys would have done well to keep Roy at number four and ask Michael Clarke to have a few drinks and lighten up.

Symonds would have made a difference to this pathetic Australian team, which clearly lacks character. Ponting already has a look on his face that he is going to lose the Ashes for the second time in England.

If rumours are right - that Clarke asked the management to make a choice between himself and Roy (Symonds) - then one can only understand the kind of support he will have from his team mates. Not every player in the squad believes in this schoolboy crap.

I sincerely hope Clarke is not given a contract by any IPL team next year. He snubbed IPL twice...

Michael Clarke got the wicket of Dilshan a couple of minutes back; Australia re going to lose this.

I hope they also lose the TEST series against England, for which many of these schoolboys have been preparing at the expense of some T20 action.


Three days back, AFP reported:

Australia vice-captain Michael Clarke insisted on Friday the team's preparation for the ICC World Twenty20 had been "spot on" despite the enforced exit of Andrew Symonds.

The all-rounder, a potential match-winner in Twenty20 cricket, was sent home Thursday for a breach of team rules related to "an alcohol related incident".

Clarke added he hoped Symonds's exit would help bind the squad into an even tighter unit.

1. Clarke made it clear that Symonds being sent home is not going to have any influence on the results they are going to achieve (So, all you pup/punter lovers - don't blame it on Roy!)

2. How can Clarke say that Symonds' exit is going to help bind the team even tighter? Guys like Michael Hussey, Lee and Bracken spoke to the press that losing Symonds is a major thing.

Before the game against West Indies, Brett Lee said this:

"With Chris Gayle you have to try to get him out early, otherwise he is going to hurt you," said Lee.

"He's a bit like Andrew Symonds, he can actually turn a game on its head at any stage and win a match for his country. He's a great player so we have to make sure we knock him over early."

Lee is bit of a one-trick-pony with the ball these days, just pings the ball at 140+ kph speed without the ball doing anything in the air or off the pitch. But what he said about Gayle is so correct - Gayle, in fact, singled him out for some harsh treatment in the first game.

"He's a bit like Andrew Symonds, he can actually turn a game on its head at any stage and win a match for his country"

Andrew Symonds is a match-winner and was in top form for Deccan Chargers. Australia missed him badly in both the games. Their batting was pathetic against West Indies and also against Sri Lanka.

In the end a "fair result" - schoolboys have been taught a lesson: you have to enjoy the game to win it.

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