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Sachin Tendulkar wants T25x2 - as in the Fifty-over version of the game to played in four innings of 25 overs each. Anil Kumble wants the F50 (50:50) to be converted to F40 (40:40). Oh well.

Ian Chappell makes some good arguments in his latest cricinfo column "Down with formula"
The requirement should be that five bowlers have to deliver a minimum of five overs each. Apart from that the captain can utilise his bowlers how he sees fit. The more overs available to the better bowlers, the more likely a captain will attack rather than defend with stop-gap trundlers
Five bowlers at five overs each = 25.

If three bowl five overs each, 35 overs will then remain to be shared by two or more bowlers... which can then be broken down to 18+17 - between two bowlers. If the skipper really wants it, he can have one bowler - bowl through the innings: 25 overs! The problem with Chappelli's thinking is, captains would then look at employing very defensive bowlers to bowl the max number of overs. For LOI, no matter what the format is - it gets competitive when bowlers attack to take wickets; only then we'll have competitive Limited Over Internationals.

Doosra would like to propose some changes as well.

  • For every wicket a bowler takes - give him an additional over. For instance, if a bowler takes 3 wickets, he gets to bowl a max of 13 overs.
  • Encourage fielders to have a shy at the stumps: by disallowing over-throws if the ball hits the stumps. It is really silly to see batsmen steal runs after a fielder has managed to have a direct hit and the ball ricochets off to the outfield.

Doosra agrees with Chappelli:

  1. The boundaries should be as large as possible, which places an emphasis on daring running between wickets and athletic fielding, two features that originally attracted fans to the limited-overs game. Short boundaries tend to emphasise defending the ropes, and make some fielding attributes redundant, whereas larger extremities make containment difficult because of the big gaps between the outfielders. 
  2. There should only be one stipulation about field placings: four men should compulsorily be inside the circle in the final five overs. If captains aren't told where their fieldsmen have to go then they've got to think where to put them, and the regulation is only there to stop teams having nine men on the boundary in a tight finish.

Tendulkar's T25x2 suggestion is going to create a a T20 Test Match in the long run, how is 25 overs any different from 20? Tendulkar is a great batsman... let's leave it at that. The real danger of T25x2 is soon it will become T20x2 and presents the biggest threat to the 5-day game.

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